what's a botb feature you hated at first but now love
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post #191672 :: 2024.06.10 1:55pm :: edit 2024.06.10 1:55pm
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this one's for noobs who have been around for a while.
anything that you rly disliked when you joined but now you didn't only got used to it but you also rly can't live without it anymore on here?

can also be something that doesn't fully classify as a "feature", just something about this website or community
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post #191674 :: 2024.06.10 2:05pm :: edit 2024.06.10 2:06pm
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i guess i don't exactly love this "feature" but i've gotten more used to it lately, i just used to despise the format unlocking thing that we have been doing in recent seasonal majors, mostly because i had songs i already had kinda finished and wanted to release for a long time now.

seeing the fact that i now had to wait for the desired format(s) to appear was painful at first, however i feel like the mechanism is working in my favor lately as it actually for example made me work on formats i usually neglect along with giving more time to polish up my allgear/wildchip entries before release, meaning that there's now much less chance i rush my art in the process.
it's kinda like doing sidequest stuff. i can for example do some additional entries on formats i usually neglect, while also having more time to focus on the allgear/wildchip entries i've been working for weeks; returning to them with a clearer state of mind and fixing their flaws so they're in a much more polished state.
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post #191684 :: 2024.06.10 6:12pm
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i'm from the future and playlists have a description box.

they are a good feature now
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post #191688 :: 2024.06.11 12:44am
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I used to think the advent calendar model (24 hour submission period) was better than the XHB model, because it's more flexible and timezone friendly. However, I have come to appreciate the value of working simultaneously with other noobs and the subsequent voting/slug ritual.

(I still kinda wish there was room for something in between minors and majors, like 24 hour submission periods, but I know realistically that is kinda outside the scope of this site)
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post #191727 :: 2024.06.11 9:13am
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but now you can opt out of tag alerts it's all good
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post #191881 :: 2024.06.14 8:18am
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OHBs. At first I wanted to participate but an hour felt way too overly constrained for noob composers, and thus these were surely meant for highly experienced people. I jumped into these anyway, and glad I did. OHBs are arguably where I have learned the most about writing and gained the most confidence. The time constraint still feels tight, and I don't always have time to participate of late, but I came to really appreciate the value of short term, low commitment skill building. And every once in a while things line up and something cool pops out! And the community aspect of sharing with others and seeing what others produced under the same constraints is really inspiring

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