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teh Lyceum
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Welcome to BotB's Lyceum, a wiki-esque situation where BotBrs are attempting to help each other learn.
If you're new to the site, you should check out this article.

About the Lyceum

The Lyceum has several categories and a general structure on how articles are related to each other. The most important ones are:

BotB Help is for everyone who's feeling a bit lost and confused (maybe)

Battles includes the different Major Battle Series on BotB as well as information about Battles and Organization in general

Formats includes all available and different formats on BotB

Classes An Overview of all the different classes a BotBr can get, depending on which points they get

Terminology As a website with a lot of history, we also have our very own terminology in some cases. Most of it is explained in the lyceum.

- Trackers: The main tool to create chip music is a tracker. Since we're having a lot of different chiptune-formats on here, we also use a lot of different trackers.
- Effects Commands: Since there are so many different tools to create music with and all of them use different effects and effect commands, there is a whole category related to it. Perfect, if you're working on something and forgot a specific command.
- Helper Tools: Tools used to make your life easier
- This Website: is especially helpful if you need information about BotB itself. The battle system, rules, navigation, etc...

- The Hall of Knowledge: for everyone who wants to know EVEN MOAR!!!


Battles are the mainstay of the BotB community. BotB has a plethora of battle types (such as XHBs) and a lot of different formats. Maybe you could even host one yourself...!


BotB users are referred to as BotBrs. When a new account is created that BotBr is given the default BotBr class of n00b. After earning 25 points the BotBr will level up to a different class level 1. BotBrs also earn boons, the BotB currency, as they inspire BotB activity.


BotB has a few ways of communicating activity. The home page is the most obvious. There are also two twitter feeds : @battleofthebits
and @botb_battles
the latter being a streamlined version of the former.


BotBrs and non-BotBrs alike may talk up thing such as XHBs and relationship advice in our FREE* IRC CHANNEL! We've even included BotB the IRC bot just for kicks at no extra charge!

*ISP/cellular telephone/telepathy subscription fees may apply.


An unofficial Discord Server, also featuring a channel linked to the BotB-IRC-Chat can be found by following this
invite link.


The BotB Lyceum ontological Glossary is a quick reference help.
For a list of all articles, check the Complete Glossary Index of Lyceum Articles.

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