What are you currently reading?
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post #191448 :: 2024.06.07 1:54am
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and if you have a goodreads you want to plug thats also cool too
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im currently reading Beowulf, and ill be honest its kind of boring and limited but since its short ill just finish it and see whats next on the shelf
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i'm reading Betty
by Tiffany McDaniel on the strong recommendation of my mum & partner who both adored it. it's a semi-fictional account of the early life of the author's mother, a half-cherokee girl growing up in poverty in rural appalachia in the mid 20th century. it has that style of whimsical, self-consciously lyrical prose which seems to be quite in vogue among contemporary novels. that often puts me off books because it feels like it's compensating for a lack of substance in the content, but that's certainly not the case in Betty - there's plenty of depth here.
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post #191452 :: 2024.06.07 5:47am
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I am currently reading this thread

Seriously though, I am currently reading "The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories" by Gene Wolfe. It's a collection of science fiction short stories written from 1970~1980. Like most Gene Wolfe it's interesting but kinda confusing sometimes, often layers of hidden stories beneath the story
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post #191456 :: 2024.06.07 8:43am
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Just finished The Faithful Spy by Alex Berenson, and I started Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy (and no I don’t play siege, I actually enjoy Clancy novels)
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post #191457 :: 2024.06.07 8:45am
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Michael Hann - Denim and Leather

An oral history of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Some pretty funny stories in here, and it prompted me to check out Diamond Head, who had some killer tunes.
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post #191460 :: 2024.06.07 9:25am
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I just finished Heavy by Kiese Laymon in audiobook form (read by the author). It was pretty gut wrenching but thought provoking and powerfully written. A memoir on American society and racism, sex, violence, obesity, and other issues from a Black perspective. I don’t typically read memoirs or non-fiction but I’m glad I picked this up.

I’m currently towards the end of Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson. It’s pretty interesting as a blend of science and human psychology / sociology wrapped up in the form of a story about the colonization of Mars.
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post #191463 :: 2024.06.07 10:13am
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i have regretfully not read anything in 2024, with the last couple things i started before not really resonating and keeping me out of the habit. so inspired by this thread i have picked up cormac mccarthy's all the pretty horses and read a bit of it. dude has such a powerful and poetic way of writing about even the most mundane things
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Max Chaplin
post #191464 :: 2024.06.07 10:37am
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Creations of Fire by Cobb and Goldwhite. It's the history of chemistry from ancient times to the mid-20th century. I was particularly interested in the first part, about how chemistry turned from a magic-like tradition to a science. It felt a bit too surface level though, maybe because it covers so much ground, and maybe because neither of the two writers is a philosopher of science. The second part, which covers the 18th and 19th centuries, is more fully realized, with a step-by-step description of how atomic theory, thermodynamics and knowledge of the elements came to be. Starting part three now.

Apart from that I'm also listening to the Fall of Hyperion audiobook, and sporadically digging through the bibliographies of Borges and Calvino.
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post #191466 :: 2024.06.07 10:51am
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post #191477 :: 2024.06.07 4:11pm
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Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir. It's a fantastic science fiction novel (am I allowed to describe the book or is that considered spoilers?)
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post #191495 :: 2024.06.08 1:38am
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books are NERD SHIT
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post #191499 :: 2024.06.08 5:42am
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Currently reading this rn. Pretty interesting so far
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That Andy Weir book is on my list, I enjoyed The Martian and thought I’d give that one a try. Also in the vein of books about Mars, Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles is fantastical and weird sci fi that I would recommend.
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post #191594 :: 2024.06.09 9:55am
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I second Project Hail Mary. Loved that book!
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post #191605 :: 2024.06.09 12:39pm
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The hobbit! love me some high fantasy
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post #191623 :: 2024.06.09 4:14pm
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I am reading... your mind.

You're thinking:

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good thread.

I'm currently reading "Die Blausteinkriege" Pt.1
it's actually on my shelve for 9 years now and I never finished it soooo I kinda have to finally. it was a gift.
I usually only read fantasy, so this is right up my alley. but so far I am missing the "point of the story", like that one thing that puts everything together. reads more like a big description of people's life in a made up world. kinda cool to read. but I don't see the reason why I shld read it.

it seems to have 3 sequels... or whatever the name is for books that follow a book.bnot sure if I'll get pt2. maybe the end of pt1 will rly catch me, who knows.

my fav book at this point is probably Eragon, all 4 parts. it had everything I like and has been a big inspiration for my own writing too!

there are ~10 other books on my shelve that are waiting for me to read them. I dedicated an hour every day to reading so I'm making slow but steady progress on it c:
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post #191733 :: 2024.06.11 1:02pm
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Im reading "Watch the Northwind Rise" by robert graves
its about a future primitivist utopia which summons a britisher from the 20th century to clear up some misconceptions about english. but he accidentally brings along his vile ex-wife and they destroy everything
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post #191852 :: 2024.06.13 2:22pm
just finished Project Hail Mary, by far the best sci-fi book I've ever read
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post #191977 :: 2024.06.16 1:44pm
I was never much for reading fiction until I realized my work was slow so, why not find what suits me.

And I figured the Fire tablet I bought to use as a glorified TV/video player is originally designed for reading books. These are now readings and some recent reads from the past year

The Rediscovery of America by Ned Blackhawk
Three Days of Happiness by Sugaru Miaki
Bottoms Up and the Devil Laughs by Kerry Howley
I Want to Eat Your Pancreas by Yoru Sumino
The Honzuki (Ascendance of Bookworm) series
The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash

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