✅ GCT - Final Round voting period is over!!
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The Grand Classist Tournament

Voting for Round 4 (the FINAL ROUND) is over!!

Download the Final Round entries here

The matchups were as follows...

How voting works

- Anyone can vote! Non-duelists are more than welcome to vote, too;

- Cast your votes for each duel by typing the name of the duelist you're voting for between asterisks (e.g. *funute*);

- The asterisks are necessary to avoid misunderstandings, so please, add them in your vote;

- There is a total of 4 duels. You must vote for all of them for your votes to count. BUT if you're a duelist, you must skip voting for your own duel and only vote for the other 3;

- Comments are optional, but artists like receiving kind words on their work, so they are welcome and appreciated.
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Good Morning!

kleeder vs. Viraxor: https://youtu.be/zi0dOPNO9_A
Dippy vs. RadamLee: https://youtu.be/lY2GF-IoT8c
mirageofher vs. Minerscale: https://youtu.be/XjjRhnPHlBY
kilowatt64 vs. Tex: https://youtu.be/RnojtsBswlk

*Dippy* vs. RadamLee
Dippy did a better job on the sound design and making the themes "fit in" imo.

*mirageofher* vs. Minerscale
mioh managed better to keep me interested. minerscale made a very good piece, but the overall variety was better in miohs entry and that middle part of minerscale felt a little too boring for me after a while

*kilowatt64* vs. Tex
at first, i didnt enjoy kilowatts first half that much, but the second one totally got me hyped for this song.
and now, after relistening a few times, the first half feels much more like "setting the scene", making it fit very nicely, and made me fall in love with that part too. both parts of this song work so well together. this is it. this is the one i want to see winning.
tex entry was too chaotic to me. the very cool part just after the halfway-point cldnt make up for the otherwise weak execution and confused jumping between stuff. i can still not rly remember anything from this song apart from the cool part where everything comes together for a minute. during the song i always wondered "huh, where did we come from, wat?".
so my winner is clear.
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to minerscale: u def put a lot of thought into this rounds entry... sounds like it cld be in a movie!! its beautiful. gj bro i love ur scores
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*dippy* vs RadamLee:
Really liked RadamLee's melody but I think Dippy leaned into the SMS's strengths more. I'm a big sucker for effective CH3/CH4 usage. IDK, they were both good, but for me "best SMS" requires doing something novel with the hardware.

*Viraxor* vs Kleeder:
kleeder's song had a suitably powerful jaunt while still being a bit goofy in a good way. Viraxor had style and swag that befits a bat named Batthew. Both had some great freestyle solos but I'm going to give the edge to Viraxor for reasons I can't fully articulate.

*Kilowatt64* vs Tex
Kilowatt's combo of SNES reverb and little chippy sounds is classic wildchip. I have the opposite opinion of kleeder - I was really digging the first part and then the song turned into a completely different thing (that was still good but not as good as the first part). Tex's song was the opposite. Really liked the second bit when it seems like the song finally found its footing. But kilowatt's entry was ultimately my favorite as a complete package. Tough to pick tho.

*Minerscale* vs mirageofher
Grr, these were both really good. Wish I didn't have to pick one. Mirageofher conjured up some really nice soundscapes. But the reprise of the melody in Minerscale's piece was really satisfying for whatever reason. In a close match, it was the thing that jumped out to me the most, so it's what I have to go with.

Good job all! I might have to participate in a future GCT. Seems like fun.
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kilowatt vs *tex*
tex's first part was really really good. loved that it's progressive. my favourite genre. I can totally see this in a video game. the second part is a bit empty. with only bass and the drums. the snare is not loud enough, could be better and more hard hitting. but the ending of it and the first part is absolutely great.
on the other hand, kilowatt's entry is also very decent. the 1st part is really relaxing. I like the second part a lot. the drums and the tribal percs are really groovy. this slaps too.
this was a harder decision, but tex's entry just resonated better with me. both were really good.

*mirageofher* vs minerscale
mirage's entry starts like generic orchestra videogame music. nothing special to keep my attention. well composed and all that. but I love the part at 1:30, the instruments are great. and the piano after it is great. actually 1:30 to around 2:20 is the best part of the track, at least for me. that key change at 2:20 is amazing. the theme switch is very good.
minerscale's entry is smooth. it sounds really polished. every second of it is great. minerscale really shows his creativity here, with all the little instruments appearing throughout the whole track, but some parts stand out for me (not in a good way), like the part with the major chord over a minor note. the reprise of the main melody is epic.
subjectively, mirage's entry just had more advantages over minerscale's entry. both were really comparable and it's hard to objectively decide which one is better.

dippy vs *radamlee*
dippy's entry: the banging kick got me. boom boom boom boom. the melodies are great. this is definitely sounding like some of these classic chiptunes. just that it becomes kinda repetitive after some time. I love the noise channel that starts at 2:34.
radamlee's entry: love the melodies and leads. definitely the better one out of these two. reminds me of nagz - cheezopropanol
. this might be my favourite from the entire tournament so far.
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kleeder vs. *Viraxor*:
both bangers! i think i liked kleeder's arrangement just a *smidge* better than viraxor's, but i'm a huge sucker for first impressions, and that slap-bass-esque interpretation of the bass from Baskerville's theme won me over immediately. maybe that's a bit of a biased thing to judge around given that that sort of sound isn't quite so accessible in the context of wildchip but idk for sure so i'm voting like this anyways lol

*kilowatt64* vs. Tex
i truly adore the sense of space earlier portion of kilowatt's entry, and i was super into the pitch bends in the melody in the latter portion, and while I absolutely loved the chords and the the incredibly groovy latter section in Tex's entry, the sound design and overall atmosphere of kilowatt's entry made it take the cake.

Dippy vs. *RadamLee*
i can't speak too much to the sound design on this one since i don't know precisely what the chip limitations are here (although i can intuit them to an extent). The defining thing that really formed my opinion here was that i simply found Radam's entry to be more emotionally evocative. I find that using contrast to your advantage as much as possible is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal in these sorts of limited formats, and the way Radam's entry brought in and out the staccato and sustain notes relative to each other, alongside a very dexterous percussion arrangement, embodies that idea near perfectly. So while I do think that Dippy's vertical arrangement was a little bit more interesting, Radam still handily wins this one for me.

*mirageofher* vs. Minerscale
yet again, this one feels like a bit of a battle between better vertical arrangement and better horizontal arrangement. mirageofher's entry was very dynamic, with more breadth in instrumentation and a strong, flowing progression throughout the song. On the flipside, Minerscale's chord voicings made for each individual moment to feel quite satisfying to listen to. These two were very close for me, but at the end of the day, mirage's entry held my attention just a little bit better, and so it gets my vote.

super fun entries across the board!! i'm glad i got to listen to them :)
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Thank you for the boon offer, Tex. I respectfully decline.

I anonymized the voting pack before listening, by the way. It was not until after casting my votes that I realized who made which songs.

Killer bass line. Seizes many opportunities to be expressive.

Nice mystique and might be cool in a video game, but the other tune wins out for being so powerful.

I like the N64 Rare collectathon vibe. This song has the power to put people in a cheerful mood.

Slow, quiet start. The Link's Awakening blips that pepper parts of the buildup really win me over. This battle is a close call, but this song edges out the other for being so effective in its program—and I say this as someone who tends to dislike programmatic compositions.

Dig the instrumentation. The solos slide well, and the composition stays interesting from start to finish.

This one kicks in right out of the gate. Its strong direction edges out the other.

A magical orchestra from a forest hideout of gnomes. This is quite a professional production and full of magic.

Another super professional production. This one has a strong theme and might even be appropriate for a trailer. Like its partner, this tune is quite magical.

Damn it, I have to re-listen to these two...

OK, the second one edges out the first, on account of maintaining a confident, well-defined direction.

Thank you everyone who contributed, as each of these tunes was enjoyable in its own way. Listening to them felt like wrapping up my holiday weekend with a nice treat.

As requested, winners are in *asterisks*.

*kleeder    *🆚 Viraxor
*Dippy      *🆚 RadamLee
*mirageofher*🆚 Minerscale
*kilowatt64 *🆚 Tex
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*kleeder* vs Viraxor
This one was close for me. I needed a few listens to decide. Overall, kleeder's wins out for me based on the combination of elements that stood out to me.

kleeder - Showdown
The crunchy bass is really nice. Strong melody. Both themes are identifiable and creatively used (took me a minute to find Batthew in there but when I did it made me smile). The 2:08 mid-phrase drum reintroduction moment got me pumped. Key change was fun. The high lead starting at 3:10 felt like a good climax to the song.

Viraxor - Rough Start
The stylish beat added a lot for me, especially in the first section. I thought the organ part was well done too, and the big vib on the end of it :)). Character themes are identifiable and nicely combined. Energy at 1:43 was rad! I want to be able to write that kind of stuff.

Tex - Shifting Weather
Good storytelling quality, this entry feels like we're being shown a cutscene with twists and turns near the end of an engaging story. Your creative uses of theme elements are readily identifiable and I think really stand out. Got so excited when I heard the lead thing with pitch slides after 2:22 (not sure if you had me in mind for that element specifically but had to comment because you know how I loves me a slide!!) Your writing in that section had a really cool Chrono Trigger feel to me in parts. Your ability to seamlessly weave different ideas is impressive and one of your strengths.

Dippy vs *RadamLee*
Good entries. RadamLee's wins for me based on the really interesting use of the character themes.

Dippy - The Silver Blade
The driving beat and arps had a good old school feel to me, giving me the effect of video game stage music. I really enjoyed the breakdown section. Character themes are identifiable, and I like the energy.

RadamLee - keratincture
Although relatively shorter, this one grabbed me right at the start. Really enjoyed the expressiveness. The character theme use seems really creative and engaging to me.

*mirageofher* vs Minerscale
I'm really, really glad this particular matchup happened both because the artists' styles and because of your original character themes were both great and complementary. Also glad this ended up being in musescore as well! Absolutely lovely stuff, wowsers. These are both great, but I think mioh's wins for me on having more distinctive sort of thematic movement and range to it.

mirageofher - urban frostblight
This whole thing is really lovely. 1:14 build up into the next section was fantastic and won me over. The variety of instruments used was done to really nice effect throughout. Looks like there was accidentally a minute of silence at the end of the render. The drama shifts nicely into triumph at the end, oh man! Such good feels. I will say I had a hard time catching Minerscale's theme in there on the first few listens but found it eventually.

Minerscale - the conical club
The dynamics in this one seem really nice to me, and your strength with woodwind instruments shines in this track. Love the subtle horns as well. The swelling motion after 0:40 was amazing and had a very cinematic feel. I'd love to hear you write more of this kind of stuff.

Phew all done, thanks everybody!
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*dippy* vs RadamLee:
Dippy's entry is really nice, really great usage of the SMS. I forgot that the system's chip could do a convincing kick that didn't sound weak. Also really engaging melodies. Just a bit repetitive that's all, but doesn't mean that it hurt the song that much
RadamLee's entry doesn't have as strong of the sound design element, but i feel like it has more engaging and catchy melodies. This tune is a really nice bop i wanna cover on the upcoming decadent decade if that's a thing.
I kind of prefer Dippy's tune because of the impression it left on me when it came to how good the SMS can sound on proper hands.

Viraxor vs *Kleeder*:
Kleeder's entry... HOLY SHIT IT ALREADY GOES SO HARD w00t. This is a fucking amazing entry i adore and love so much, it goes places. It keeps getting even better. It sounds so powerful and so potent.
Okay i'm on Viraxor's entry.... and it goes hard already too like wtf is going on. I really love the funky beat in this one, the song reminds me of some .XM modules i listened way back in the day.
I prefer Kleeder's entry because of the sheer power it has along with having the more engaging and powerful melodies that struck with me the most.

Kilowatt64 vs *Tex*
Kilowatt64's song is really peaceful (at least for the first half, then it gets more intense) and beautiful. I really adore the combination of SNES and NES sounds used here and how it's executed along with the song's overall feel.
Tex song is really beautiful and so amazing. I really love the whimsical and innocent feeling this song is going for at least the beginning, while also having that prog energy. Then the song develops into a total bop. This song should be part of a SNES RPG i believe.
Tex's entry wins this one for me
I noticed that these two entries start as being calm and peaceful before eventually developing into being more tense and chaotic.

Minerscale vs *mirageofher*
Minerscale's entry feels like something that would play while discovering a new path or world on your journey, it has that grandiose but also "discovering something" feel on it. It is a really nice tune that also keeps me calm.
Mirageofher's entry feels like a really amazing battle theme for some kind of seventh or eight generation RPG, it sounds so mesmerizing and beautiful. I really love the melodies and the atmosphere portrayed in this song, makes me feel like there's still stuff worth fighting for even after a lot of the hell going on in this world. sorry got off topic. I just really love this song
I vote for Mirageofher's entry.
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*Kleeder* vs Viraxor
Tough decision again. While Viraxor's entry was super groovy, I really really loved how gritty Kleeder's entry is. The chord progression and key change around 2:40 are also so well done, and instrumentation is great. In Viraxor's I liked when it switches to a dance groove, and the solos absolutely shred!

Kilowatt vs *Tex*
Kilowatt's entry developed super smoothly (great tempo changes) and felt atmospheric. With Tex's I liked how strong the opening was, but found it a little hard to follow the melody in the first half. However, when it goes into the groove around 2:20 it sounds so proggy and I like how it quotes the opening. Due to this section I'm voting Tex because that was so cool :)

Dippy vs *RadamLee*
Both entries were very energetic, but I liked RadamLee's slightly more because it felt like it had a bit more variety. All the arps and efffects in keratincture felt very polished, and there is so much fun stuff going on to focus on. I'm not very familiar with the sgen format but this entry kepted me more engaged.

*mirageofher* vs Minerscale
The slower section in the middle lost a slight bit of interest, but the rest of the piece has such evocative harmonies (love that #4!). It feels like a kind of contemporary classical/minimalist type of composition.
Mirageofher's entry sounded like a film score or orchestra video game ost, and the orchestration was so varied and detailed. This might have been the hardest for me to vote for; I feel like it's a battle between my love of classical/contemporary and my love of videogame osts and filmscores. I had to listen to each entry at last 3 times, but eventually decided on mirage's, mostly just because it had more variety and I liked the percussion. Wonderful entries from both of you!
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cabbage drop
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first shot at this kinda thing! here goes

kleeder -- Showdown
right out the gates with a huge crunch! gonna be looking at this one thru Audacity, holy shit. so much texture. the noise sweeps! doing what a drum fill would do while keeping the drums free. really cool lead texture around 2m40s. and the noise sweep outro

viraxor -- Rough Start
crispy snare! really cool key change half a min in. and the leads! was almost about to say smth about the loud lead about one and a half mins in being kinda obvious and loud, but it made sense right when the faster lead came in w the harmonies. grooves!

these are both so good. the key change in Rough Start sealed the deal for me

kleeder *viraxor*

kilowatt64 -- Desolation
mallet with what feels like an snes echo! gentle noise sweeps in the back! and a square wave lead. feels like a best of both worlds snes and nes deal. really nice snare. energy boost at two mins! excellent percussion. slow down for outro at three and a half mins. whole piece had so much room to breathe too, and there was an overtone in the bass I heard near the end which really glued everything together; nes triangle bass? or really close

Tex -- Shifting Weather
cheerful! bright! shift at 24 secs, then another? snes echo! felt Banjo-Kazooie, then SM64, then DK? oboe! deep piano, tubular bells. atmosphere gets heavy. speed up at 2m20s. this song's got a lot of music in it and it all sounds good. big finish; snare hits and the crunch chords

really strong music in both. yet every time I was getting into the groove with Shifting Weather, it went somewhere else! the shifts in Desolation were more like walking thru a Donkey Kong jungle. then mb running. I could feel exactly where I was

*kilowatt64* Tex

Dippy -- The Silver Blade
huge sound tiny chip! big kick. feels like an EDM Mega Man almost? breathing room after two mins; chord swells, really expressive noise channel fill

RadamLee -- keratincture
excellent lead! arp bursts. dive bomb at 40s! so much mileage from the note bends. hi note outro

big full sound for both. really tough call. keratincture breathes and flows. The Silver Blade is really big. after playing thru them both a lot, I just want to play keratincture over and over more

Dippy *RadamLee*

mirageofher -- urban frostblight
woodwinds! patient opening. choir! energy comes in 40s. horn melody! bells! big buildup into forest area kinda thing? energy boost around 2m25s after a slow part. cool ending! one quick moment to breathe and then a big crash

Minerscale -- the conical club
huge buildup; bassoon at 1m40s, energy boost at 3m30s! melody came back in the end

urban frostblight had me hanging on with every second; replaying thru w headphones, the string instrument at 1m30! woah. yes. so many instruments! and they all feel comfortable. this may be the deal sealer; that oboe line at 2m50s in the conical club felt like it was straining its guts out and went down rough for me. but having the horn push for the hi note around 1m10 was beautiful? and another mention for the bassoons being great. every instrument in urban frostblight felt at home having the adventure of a lifetime

*mirageofher* Minerscale
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kleeder vs. *Viraxor*
i'm more into the laid back yet cool & groovy vibe on Viraxor's in general, i suppose. though i liked kleeder's a lot, has killer bass & sound design & feels like an epic final battle

Dippy vs. *RadamLee*
this was tougher to decide than i expected... the sound design on dippy's entry is killer but i liked the composition of radamlee's entry more... it was just a matter of which felt more important to me. and ultimately, i enjoyed radamlee's entry a bit more :)

kilowatt64 vs. *Tex*
i was so enraptured by the first section of kilowatt's entry (beautiful...!) and the second section is so cool, the percussion is great and i feel like the sections flow together well.

however, i'm very biased to the style tex went for, i'm a sucker for proggy stuff. the two sections in this don't flow as well but i like them both individually a lot, especially that second section... the transition into it is so cool & it just kept getting cooler!

mirageofher vs. *Minerscale*
this was soo hard to decide also... it's obvious both entrants are very skilled at what they're doing here (and i love the matchup of these themes!) I loved the instrumentation and like, interaction between the instruments in mirageofher's, + the variety & progression of it! But I reeeally enjoyed soaking in the atmosphere of Minerscale's entry, and that wins it out for me.
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Glider vs *Viratox*

Daffy vs *RamLee*
I liked ramlee version more cuz it is CRAZEY!!!
Daffy was god but not god enoguh and he sucks tbh.

killowat64 vs *Tix*
Haha tix like my favoright curency from roblox game :( sad that it got removed. Killowat version is booooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaariiiiiiiiiiiingggggggggggg.

*mirajeofher* vs Minorscale
Minorscale/??? What is that name even?? Im a minor and im instulted. Miraje wins this ffs (for for sure).

Edit: DO NOT count this vote. I thought it was obvious...
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*Kleeder* vs Viraxor

Excellent showing from both bothrs!
Such a smooth sound from Viraxor; very classy! I have to give it to Kleeder though, the sheer power from Showdown is something to behold.

Kilowatt vs *Tex*

Loving the sound of Kilos entry; it feels very GBAesq to me; somewhere in the ballpark of Wario Land 4 and Metroid Fusion. It's got a cool fragility to it.
And Tex, what a lush sound! All those entwining melodies create something so beautiful.
I absolutely love both; I have to give it to Tex, but Kilos is nothing to sleep on. This was the closest for me in terms of entries, and probably both my favourite songs of the round.

*Dippy* vs RadamLee

2 more great tracks :DDD Radamlees has a very sparkly sound design. I like the melodies! I gotta give it to Dippys for how hard it goes; not unlike Kleeders in that sense.

Mirageofher vs *Minerscale*

Whimsical "letsgoonanadventurecore" entry from Mirage! Contrasted with a very impressively restrained piece from Minerscale.
I have to give it to Miner, but like all of these it's close.
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< *kleeder* VS Viraxor >
*kld:* The bass in this one is great. It's also really long! I feel like it takes me on a little adventure, and the main melody is definitely catchy... Big keygen vibes as well from parts of this. I got a soft-spot for this style of track. Great song structure, and I like the main theme of the song; it's probably gonna get stuck in my head! I also really enjoy the part @2:42!
-Vrx:- I love just how funky Viraxor's entry is! It's got a nice rhythm to it and definitely makes me wanna dance. I feel it would fit best in an Old-Popcap-styled puzzle game. Also bongos++ I will never turn down bongos!!! The other instruments in this one are also nice and jazzy! I can't help but feel a certain riff at the end feels a bit familiar though...
DETERMINATION: I think kleeder's entry's length and variation makes it surpass Viraxor's. Both entries were awesome, however! I think I just have a bigger weakness to keygen style music. If it gets stuck in my head easier, I'll probably vote it higher... but Viraxor's entry was really stylish too!

< kilowatt64 VS *Tex* >
-k64:- Really nice ambience in this one! I feel like I'm walking through desolate ruins. I think the low-pitched piano(?) throughout the first half of the song really does it for me. The speed up was quite cool as well!
*Tex:* The start of this song has a feeling directly in between SM64 and Pokemon GBA music, and a lot of it is very pretty. Later on it jumps into some crazy battle music! There's a lot going on in this one and I like it! My favourite part is definitely right @3:00.
DETERMINATION: This one was way too hard to rate, but I think I have to give it to Tex. The battle music really wins it over for me, as it's way more energetic than kilowatt64's. That said, what made this so hard was I prefer kilowatt's ambient section over Tex's. Tex's does a lot of cool stuff, but the vibes of kilowatt's were way more consistent and really fit a mood. In my eyes, you both won this vote, but I had to pick one...

< *Dippy* VS RadamLee >
*Dip:* Charming melodies in this one. Getting me a little nostalgic for some flash games with similar music! It's cool how you managed to squeeze that little plucky arp in there, it adds a lot!!! I also like the calmer section, it's got some really cool noise effects @2:35!
-Rdm:- This sounds more like a ZX Spectrum song to me! The style you used this chip with just wins my heart over. The harmony is really pretty, and I love the fluttery parts the lead has.
DETERMINATION: While I love the style and harmonies of RadamLee's song so much, the length of the song had me wanting a lot more... Both songs had some good energy, but I think the punch that Dippy's track had sold me. The sound design was also slightly more impressive to me. I love both songs tho, and Radam u should totally make a longer version of yours!!!

< *mirageofher* VS Minerscale >
*mrg:* Woah. Wasn't expecting to go on a fuckin' Quest, but this track took me on one. Really pretty stuff here, and it's really cool to see orchestral stuff on this site!!! The plucky section from @1:18 to the piano section at @1:40 and onwards really hits. Really good use of tension. The ending felt abrupt to me, but I'm not used to this style of music outside of a couple indie games, so I can't really speak on it.
-Mnr:- A bit quieter than the other one, but I like it! It definitely feels more like ambience or casual music. It feels like it's building to something a lot of the time but never really does :( That aside though, it is still very pretty, and I like that there are recurring themes. It kind of feels like an open-world theme for a Zelda game!
DETERMINATION: I think my pick here is obvious from my reviews, mirageofher definitely takes the cake here! Both songs have a very pretty ambience, but mirage's definitely hits harder. Maybe it's because one is trying to be ambient music, while one feels more like cutscene music, but mirage's also used way more instruments, so that certainly is a part of it. Either way, both are good! I just like mirage's better :)

-Zax:- Some really nice entries you guys! I hope you had fun, and I think I enjoy writing reviews for tracks like this! I just hope most of my criticism was helpful and not too mean. I really enjoyed all of the music! ^^ Good luck to the battolrs!
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*kleeder* vs viraxor
i think the overall construction/form of kleeder's song is more solid, it has much more of an arc to it, although i do love (and prefer) the vibe and sounds used in viraxor's song. at first the crunchy lead out the gate was grating but it grew on me and the instrumentation felt justified by the end. viraxor's is really enjoyable to listen to, but it is kinda loopy and noodly in comparison, and sometimes the 'reverb' is a bit muddy.

*kilowatt* vs tex
wow these are very different entries lol. i like the wild and free arranging style of tex's entry, a very engaging entry, but kilowatt lays some solid foundations in his track and transitions into and out of them in a very fluid way. it holds together better. not an easy choice though

dippy vs *radamlee*
radamlee definitely takes this one for having the more dynamic and engaging composition - so many little details going on, cool rhythms, great endearing melodies. yet again reminded of how cool this chip can sound, in someone else's hands that are not my own haha :D

mirage vs *minerscale*
jesus you guys lol. i'm so amazed what one can do with notation software these days - free notation software at that. sure wish we had this in 2003. there's lots of little arrangement moments to love everywhere, i especially liked the closing section of mirage's entry which is super endearing. the phrasing and structure of minerscale's feels very authentic for this sort of ensemble music, lots of little flourishes, entrances and exits, the kind of thoughtful thing i'd love to actually hear in a hall, so that's my pick, but these are excellent
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post #179719 :: 2023.11.28 10:16am
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*Kleeder* vs viraxor

Kleeders melody had me bopping and his formation of instuments is so attetion grabbing that I was in a trance throughout the whole song. Gave me some rock and roll vibes too which was insanely impressive while keeping the idea!

Viraxors entry was a really nice and solid bop from beginning to end. I liked the change in melody as it played throughout. Tje instruments were groovy ish and pretty chill for the most part and it was a delight to hear. I do feel there could of been added more, but this was overall really tranquil and interesting overall!

Killowatt vs *Tex*

I love the slow buildup lf energy in Kilowatts song and the subtle use of forest-like instruments in this one. I always love to hear the peaceful vibes from a song. The sudden change and pace in the song though overall was a quick turnaround and a really awesome touch to it. Kudos to you overall!

As much and chaotic as it was, i seriously loved the energy buildup/pacing that occurred in here. It gave me so much vibes thas hard to explain. But the pitch increases, the buildup of the notes, and instruments used as well! Made me move my head to the groovy part of the section later on in the song. The melody was really abrupt and interesting to hear as well and the variety provided here. Overall a fun and unique entry of its own!

*Dippy* vs RadamLee

Dippys intro in your entry already gave me enough of an idea you werent here to play! That bass throughout the song was a solid start and the introduction of notes and intstruments helped intensify the pacing and overall idea of the song. I liked how the song overall developed too and finished. Amazing work on this!

Radams entry was truly playful and interesing which are my twl favorite things. There were lots of emotions i got from this in such a few seconds/minutes and the overall building of this song was really solid. I would of loved to hear more from this, but overall was an amazing entry as well!

Mirageofher vs *minerscale*

Mirages entry was filled with peace, soothing vibes, and gave me straight medieval vibes. The sound design here was terrific and the flow was chill and smooth throughout. I could imagine it would be hard to pull of this especially when trying to add variety. Props overall to you for this!

Minerscales entry was just as epic as mirages, but what I like a bit more about this is the interesting sound design here. The volume envelope here througout and the combination of soft/quiet notes plays for an indulging and peaceful musical piece. I overall loved it!
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Yung Gotenks
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*kleeder* vs viraxor
*mirageofher* vs minerscale
*kilowatt64* vs tex
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post #179729 :: 2023.11.28 3:20pm
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Yowza! Seeing all these voters and reading these comments is such a wonderful way to end this event for everyone!! I'm absolutely thrilled that you all cared so much for the music we had to offer~ Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

Been postponing the deadline so many hours so that I could vote myself because I'm really tired (the good kind of tired) as I've been wrapping up other aspects of this tourney from behind the scenes, too. Anyway, let's end this!

kleeder vs. Viraxor

kleeder's really sounds like a Showdown is taking place. Or the last level of a game. Those chord progressions give that feel to me. It's chilling. Reinterpreting Viraxor's theme with rapidly repeated staccatos was pretty clever and refreshing, since this hasn't been done before during the tourney. The part from 1:20 to 1:38 where the melodies play twice, but with different leads, was really cute, especially when Baskerville's theme shows up later in that part. 1:55 to 2:12 is one of multiple examples that shows how kleeder knows when to make several intruments take a short break so that listeners can also have a little rest from them. The key change was a welcome addition and the transition to it was smoothly done. There are a lot of well-written solos as well. This is kleeder's best entry on the tournament, I think, while the sgen entry comes in second place.

Gotta commend Viraxor for going the house route. kleeder's theme is a bit more subtle here, represented by the double octave bassline. Loving the initial bluesy key playing. I liked how the vibra-slap at 1:33 was used as a hi-hat. The organ solo that kicks in shortly after is such a fun listen, it's my favorite part.

Sound design wise, I prefer Viraxor's. But composition wise, I prefer kleeder's. So *kleeder* has my vote.

Dippy vs. RadamLee

Dippy's has a well produced dance beat. Much like in their sgen entry, the kick drum here is thumping, hard trance style, which is impressive for the sms. The chord progressions have this nostalgic middle to late 90's Capcom era. The use of octave ranges is very balanced.

Would've loved it if RadamLee's was longer and had a more laid back intro, much like in their nsfplus entry, that would build up to what we have here. However, what is here is already strong competitive material. The lead is highly expressive, with some of the wildest pitch bends and a syncopated rhythm, aesthetics the artists is known for. We have a secondary channel that alternates between bubbly accompaniment and glockenspiel-like plucking, which is a very clever decision to keep things more varied. Cute ending. This is a highly intricate piece. And for that, *RadamLee* wins my heart.

mirageofher vs. Minerscale

Was really looking forward to this match, since both duelists here are MuseScore powerhouses.

mioh's has a lot of detailed layering. The trumpet at 1:05 alternates between having a glockenspiel playing along on top and harps. Lots of other examples as well. There is a rich instrumentation overall and it is showcased taking turns every few seconds with strong melodies. I absolutely love how thrilling the chord progressions are. The transition to Aismo's motif at 2:17 was well executed. Speaking of which, I can clearly identify the character themes in mioh's entry this time. It's like Aismo had identity amnesia during most of its tourney trajectory, but finally remembered who it was at the end of the event. Hopefully mioh is cool with this analogy, as being mean is not the intent of it. It just seems fitting to me, is all.

I can definitely respect what Minerscale is going for as well. A lot happens with a more economic group of instruments, which seems really difficult to pull off. This has a completely different energy from mioh's in the sense that it's more about appreciating how these instruments can shine on their own, without extra interference from other group of instruments.

Will give my vote to *mirageofher* since their entry holds more true to the kind of music I'd compose myself, so I identify with it more. But Minerscale's is equally top notch, so my decision is based solely on personal preference.


kilowatt's has a very moving intro. I loved their incorporation of both themes, which is a pleasing surprise! The mix of samples from different soundchips is fun and blended really well. As the tempo speeds up in the second half, we also get them middle eastern pentatotic melodies with strings and a shakuhachi, just the way I adore them. The samples are also tightly programmed, with lots of appropriate fade ins and outs and balanced use of vibrato. Ending the song just the way it started was the icing on the cake. I wouldn't have wanted it to end any differently.

This is a very powerful piece, fitting of a tournament finalist.
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Tex has summoned me to vote on one of these duels whose result is a tie.

Dippy: The Silver Blade Vs. RadamLee: keratincture

The Silver Blade has the advantage of length and steadiness in its rhythm, and it can be followed easily. Good easy listening is the trade off for the most prominent thing featured in RadamLee's piece:...

keratincture is more stylish. Its melody is like a jazz solo, shredding, etc. and it's fun to listen to. It is interspersed with breaks in its styles to spice things up and keep the listener entertained the whole time.

With that said, I give this vote to *Dippy*
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Thank you to Lotepamera for volunteering to break the tie.

And with that, Final Round voting is officially over!!

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