new compilation album from dami f. tune 🥑
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post #183864 :: 2024.02.02 7:06am
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howdy! i just put out a new album - this is the 4th annual installment of an album series i do that showcases some of the coolest stuff i wrote in the previous year for compos, commissions, and other events around the web.

🥑 🥑

(our very own sparklecats2009 has done the art for this each year!! this one turned out so wonderfully cozy)

if you follow my BotB output pretty closely you'll recognize several of these, but there's a bunch of other stuff too! there are also lots of cool collabs: surasshu (slash), rewitkin, pouale, ZBW, DBOYD! this compilation was lightly mastered so even if you've heard some of these tunes before, you're getting a fresh experience ;D

hope you all enjoy~
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post #183866 :: 2024.02.02 11:14am
me when fre sha vaca do
Level 6 Playa
post #184049 :: 2024.02.04 2:25pm
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Dami, I just can't get over how cool your real-world-person name sounds.
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post #184212 :: 2024.02.08 1:11pm
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got it today, excited to dig in!!!
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post #184510 :: 2024.02.13 4:12am
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hmm.. tasty , hear all last day .relaxing vibe
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post #185582 :: 2024.02.25 3:35am
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A bit belated review, but I have been enjoying rocking this album for the past few weeks! You have such a strong compositional voice. I have said this multiple times before, but I really like how you combine a technical mastery with solid songwriting. It's like the songwriting is the avocados, the key ingredient, but all the spicy glitches, bleeps, and bloops are the seasoning that really make the guacamole delicious.
Well, that's a limited analogy because I really dig the less glitchy tracks too. Not everything has to be spicy.

Just picking out one example, Track 4 (Echonomicon) is probably the best sounding MIDI I have ever heard!! (although I still need to check out some other midis on this website, I know multiple people here have been doing crazy amazing things with the format.)

Excellent work and looking forward to more!
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post #185613 :: 2024.02.25 7:22am
thanks so much for listening and for the kind review! i try to showcase a wide array of styles on these comps in particular :D

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