your fav christmas food and snacks
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post #178498 :: 2023.10.30 2:51pm
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with the christmas season coming up, and also because of that other food thread, lets talk about this now. whats some christmas snacks you cant live without?
are there some very local christmas snacks where you live that you wont find in other places?

i noticed that i am always looking forward to 3 specific christmas snacks every year (Spekulatius
, Dominosteine
and Baumkuchen
) and they basically dont exist outside of germany (and neighbour countries), so this interests me.
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post #178500 :: 2023.10.30 3:17pm
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my parents just made this year's "christmas cake". not actually a cake at all, it's just a cake-shaped mass of dried fruit & nuts glued together with syrup and booze. between now & christmas it will live in the garage & they will 'water' it every few days with sherry until you can smell it from up the road.

you've heard of wine-drunk, punch-drunk, love-drunk... but have you ever been cake-drunk? come to the roz household at christmas to experience this.
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post #178501 :: 2023.10.30 3:27pm
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Stollen. I absolutely despise raisins, but once they're in Stollen, everything's fine.
Also gingerbread and homemade cookies (especially Wundernüsschen and Schneeflöckchen).
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post #178504 :: 2023.10.30 4:26pm :: edit 2023.10.30 4:27pm
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when i was young my mom did all sorts of fun christmas baking and treat making (and sometimes i helped!), but nowadays not so much. my favorite is always peppermint bark bc i love peppermint anything. i don't remember anyone in my family ever making gingerbread but i do love gingerbread...

one thing i remember having at christmas are macaroons, which are surprisingly not at all the same things as macarons, that was an interesting lesson at some point in my life
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post #178505 :: 2023.10.30 4:30pm
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looking at the stuff you posted, oh i've had log cake before! i think my grandma or aunt made that once, i remember it being heavy but really delicious and cool to eat. dominostein looks like something i would love too (and the article compares it to jaffa cakes which kick ass)
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post #178514 :: 2023.10.31 12:49am
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Can I include drinks? It's definitely port season
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post #178515 :: 2023.10.31 1:09am
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Being an American I feel like I don't have any foods that are that culturally exciting, but my family usually makes a lot of Christmas cookies---notably a lot of frosted sugar cookies in shapes of Christmas trees that we keep in the freezer and snack on over the course of a few months.
My grandpa also usually sends us homemade peanut brittle and toffee.
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post #178517 :: 2023.10.31 1:51am
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habuger 😋
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post #179503 :: 2023.11.24 8:00am
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well what do you know; it's a christmas miracle, because thanksgiving has finally passed, and this thread has become bisible

fruitcake, egg nog, and chestnuts roasting on an open fire yo—no joke, either, not even the open fire. try it sometime; it will put 7 jingle bells in pants
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post #179574 :: 2023.11.26 12:42am :: edit 2023.11.26 12:43am
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persimmons and tangerines come to mind in a sweet way... also gimger bread mans AND PUNKIM PIE

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