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post #187932 :: 2024.04.16 6:59am
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not sure how many people care, but over the last 6 years i've been listening to (almost) every botb entry and compiled hour-long playlists that i listen to regularly, containing all the entries i really really like.
first i had them as a list in my profile bio... then i reached the max limit ... so i moved the list to a n00b thread. But listening to the entries by opening every single one separately in a new tab is tedious... so over a year ago, i decided to render all the playlists into hour-long youtube videos. theres a playlist
with all of them.

okay, so much about the history.
now i was finally able to move all these playlists to BotB itself. maybe youll have fun listening to good music, if you want.

you can find the playlists here: https://battleofthebits.com/barracks/Profile/kleeder/Playlists

thx botb for creating epic shit :D/

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