🥉Bronze Day is over! GG
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Bronze Day is over!! several people have chosen 1 bronze entry of theirs to be featured on Bronze Day (the 56th day of the year, I made it up : P). These entries (and more posted in the thread) were checked out to celebrate the day!

Author's comments included from those who sent me theirs.

blockblockblock - aproximate knight sprite

blockblockblock's comments: bronze is interesting, I didn't really find any I thought 'deserved better' (unlike tin cans) but - I'm getting a little better at aseprite and the lil soot sprites trying their best to perform a knight enemy by puppeting the armour pieces around still tickles me.

cabbage drop - underground adventure

Collidy - Lecture with Thirty Dollarydoos

DCT - ya walkin in my town

DuccBoi - A strange path

kilowatt64 - calm

kilowatt64's comments: One of those very rare occasions where things kinda lined up in a way I wanted in an OHB.

Opilion - 🌃

Prestune - Frostbit Fury

Raiku - TimeToChange

roz - love sick

SnugglyBun - unreal tournament nightclub

SnugglyBun's comments: This is my entry for a s3xmodit 2HB i hosted in my "actually good s3xmodit" series (i will publish more of them soon) where instead of making intentionally limited of crappy bitpacks i instead make these that are actually good and plentiful. i'm really happy about this entry of mine, especially the solo i managed to make in only a hour somehow on it.

Tex - will there be light

Tex comment's: One of the few bronzes of mine that could've been a silver (if not for latist points from extra time correcting an accident). But had a lot of fun making this, especially since animation battles are extremely rare, but right up my alley. It also helps hanna's bitpack was really inspiring.


(original post)

Last month, we had an event to celebrate past tincan entries from participants. That turned out surprisingly well! So, next Sunday we can celebrate bronze entries if you folks are down. Why next Sunday? Because it will be the 56th day of the year. Does this makes sense? Maybe.

If you agree, this works the same way as last time. DM me, on Discord (texbotb), 1 entry of yours you're honestly proud of and that earned you bronze awards.

For the purpose of this event, what counts as a bronze entry?

-entries that earned you a bronze in a XHB;
-entries that earned you a bronze in a major. This includes: bronze medals in a format, bronze best overalls and bronze awards in voting categories (it's fine if those are mixed with silver and gold awards in voting categories, but not while they're silver best overalls or gold best overalls).

When the big day is upon us, I'll edit this post with everyone's entries and we can check them out during the day. Again, don't feel obliged to do so, but I think it's part of the celebration that each is individually acknowledged, so I can at least speak for myself that I'll do my part.

I must admit it was really awesome seeing other people checking entries out last time, though. That made the event feel even more special!!

Who got bronze? Turns out everyone did.

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Ahbh love these series your bring Tex! I will go and submit a bronze entry. This I swear!
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Some people have been sending me descriptions of their entries too (especially since XHBs don't have any by default). I'll copy/paste them to the first post.
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Max Chaplin
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When will Silver Day take place? The independence day of Argentina?

(Could be Japan's silver week, but it's too far)
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Good question! Should we celebrate Silver Day in one of those days? Or should we celebrate it next month with no further meaning other than that it happens at an even interval?
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In this spirit, somewhere down the road it would also be fun to do a shadowcan-like celebration, people sharing something that did not even earn a tincan but they enjoyed
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maybe an event for entries that got last place, or ones that didn't badge.
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Yeah, definitely have Shadowcan Day planned.

If someone else wants to host events like Badgeless Day, Latist Day and Last Place Day, that would be cool.
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Bronze Day is here!! Check out the first post for all the entries featured.

If you are not on this list, posting your entry in this thread today also works. Remember, it has to be an entry you're proud of and that earned you a bronze (XHB bronze, bronze medal in a format from a major, bronze best overall or bronze in voting categories while it's not a silver best overall or a gold best overall). And it's 1 entry per person.

Also, feel free to share your thoughts about your entry in this thread if you so desire (why you chose it to be featured today, etc).
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My comments!!

This is one of the entries that received the top 3 in the format of major and badgered. It's also my first time getting a bronze in the format major! I'm proud of it. Unlike Spring Trax and Summer Chip, those weren't badgered (<20,000 scores).

I had known this format and it2moai thing since Spring Trax, but I lost motivation and had no clue how to convert. Until now, I had figured it out.

About the composition itself, well, it sounds a bit odd and mysterious. If you view the audio waveform (e.g., Audacity), you see some weird noise backing throughout the entire track. The style of music changes in 2/3 of the song, which makes it sound pleasing. Happy accidents right here!

I also have the demo on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/starcollider/30-dollarydoos-original-demo
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this SCXIII entry earned a
and turned out as well as i could have hoped. i had a lot of fun with it. i intend to do more vocal pop music, whether on the genesis or no. i dig how vocals pair with chiptune, and for me, writing a bona fide pop song ain't easy! i had plans for one this Winter Chip but the song has not fully materialized yet; lyrics are hard. always wanna keep practicing vox!

actually this WCXVIII entry also got a
in the same vein of 'pop tune with vocals' but i like my second attempt just a hair better : )

both of them lost to some killer tunes and ranked plenty highly, sgen is just a tough format to get the gold ;D
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none of them got shared here but
f***** music 79
started a months long obscure running joke where it would be edited / siivagunner-ripped into random stuff. these are my favorite ones:

funny joke 1

funny joke 2
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It just so happens that I got bronze on bronze day!
~Here is that entry!~

Some more bronze I am proud of:
? - a beauty

! - a legend
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well my only bronze entry turned out nice i think
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Squeezing in my bronze entry before the end of the day!

https://battleofthebits.com/arena/Entry/hyperz00m/34556/ (Spring Tracks IX bronze 0cc)

One of the first major entries I submitted where I really felt like I put in a bunch of effort into it and also placed surprisingly high, especially given the competition in that format that year.

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