So, what's your favourite NES expansion chip?
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post #180023 :: 2023.12.03 2:26am
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Felt bored so I'm kinda curious

To anyone who has used any of them before, what's your favourite?
(VRC6, VRC7, FDS, N163, S5B, MMC5)

I myself don't really have a favourite, but if i had to choose 1, it would be the N163, simply because of how overpowered it is to use.
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post #180029 :: 2023.12.03 3:40am
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I'm boring x)
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post #180041 :: 2023.12.03 5:13am
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post #180042 :: 2023.12.03 5:31am
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N163 for sure, even if it's a little larger than life when tracking for it, you can still make some really lovely and convincing "samples"
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post #180044 :: 2023.12.03 6:12am
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Yes N163 is so cool! That's the one I would pick!

(never tried VRC6 and VRC7)
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post #180046 :: 2023.12.03 6:17am
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uhh mmc1
or vrc7
vrc7 is something
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post #180049 :: 2023.12.03 7:00am
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I really like the nu11 combo. VRC6, MMC5, and FDS. If I HAVE to choose one, VRC6.
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post #180050 :: 2023.12.03 7:08am
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Also boring and claim VRC6 because it sounds closest to what I associate with the chip. That being said I love hearing what crazy stuff people come up with in VRC7 and N163
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post #180055 :: 2023.12.03 8:24am
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N163 has the most variety in it's sound and it's capabilities are insane... though the S5B is still my favourite. I dunno what Sunsoft did with that chip but it'll forever be my favourite because of what they did with it. Gotta love Mr. Gimmick!
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post #180060 :: 2023.12.03 9:55am :: edit 2023.12.03 9:56am
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Oh, nice topic. Some years ago, I remember answering this question at the FamiTracker server; a question that degenerated into turning Famicom expansion soundchips into waifus. That's a long story for another day, so here are my answers.

First: VRC7. Since my cover of Mario Land's Moon Theme got so unexpectedly loved, I love the chip too.

Runner-up: FDS. It'd be #1 wasn't it because it has only one channel.

Ironically, I've never wrote a single song using the N163... ever. And I was fairly known at the FT server because S5B hated me. No, I don't hate it, it hates ME ^_^.
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post #180068 :: 2023.12.03 12:35pm
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Anything where I get to draw the Funny Shapes (N163/FDS)
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post #180076 :: 2023.12.03 4:07pm
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MMC5 + 5B has been my go to for making covers for a while. If you use the noise for percussion and the envelope tones for bass, you can get a more gritty sound out of the 5B, which is quite nice as someone who covers rock/metal oriented stuff

VRC6 and 7 are also pretty solid for me, don't have much use for N163 and FDS tho, because I have no idea how to do good wavetable design

what the heck even is a EPSM
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post #180085 :: 2023.12.03 5:35pm
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VRC7 is so powerful that it feels foolish to compare it to anything else
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post #180092 :: 2023.12.03 6:50pm
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I like the way the VRC7 sounds with the NES, no other FM chips' sound comes quite close to the sound of the OPLL and it's derivatives.

However, an honorable mention for me would be the MMC5, it's very simple but it doubles the 2A03's firepower without causing it to stray so far away from that classic NES sound.
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post #180109 :: 2023.12.04 3:14am
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vrc6 -- from a user tracking perspective
however no expansions is my preferred
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post #180117 :: 2023.12.04 4:17am
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VRC6 -- similar sounds, (nearly) doubles the channel count so you can make fuller more interesting soundscapes, adds pulse waves with JUST enough steps to PWM with.
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post #180128 :: 2023.12.04 6:10am
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long doritos
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post #180133 :: 2023.12.04 7:25am
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personal opinion? MMC5 is underrated
It's like never used, and it's lesser known PCM feature is like only on furnace

Ik it's just 2 more pulse channels, but sometimes, 2 more pulse channels is just what you need (sure VRC6 had better pulse, but MMC5 is still good)
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Arcane Toaster
post #180148 :: 2023.12.04 1:03pm
VRC6... the classic... FDS is a close second though, i love the kind of color it can add to 2a03
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post #180151 :: 2023.12.04 1:28pm
N163 because i love extra waveform channels in my fami-chan, even if it might sound not good if you use more than 6 channels due to how cheap it is.
VRC6 would be a second option i think.

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