Need help with finding a dpcm program
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post #191517 :: 2024.06.08 11:42am
There was a dpcm program where you could insert a sample and change the wave to where the triangle noise isn't affected. rjdpcm or something like that.
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post #191518 :: 2024.06.08 11:46am
based on the last thing you said, rjdmc is the tool but i didn't know it could help control delta counter offset? you can always use Zxx to reset/control that
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post #191520 :: 2024.06.08 11:53am
Thanks dami
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post #191526 :: 2024.06.08 12:21pm
in any case rjdmc i think is a rushjet1 tool so if you are specifically after that then i believe they may be on our discord or irc
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post #191567 :: 2024.06.08 7:23pm
but why would you not wanna commit Kirby’s Adventure and abuse the DPCM channel? /j
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post #191570 :: 2024.06.08 8:51pm
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In case you didn't already know, you can also "tilt" samples within Famitracker itself. In the DPCM window click "Edit", select the end of the sample, and press "Tilt". You might want to repeat a few times until the wave goes all the way to the top. This will ensure the delta counter resets at the end of the sample
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post #191666 :: 2024.06.10 12:30pm
thanks for the help guys, one last question. Is there anyway to prevent the triangle volume from ducking (and rising in volume when the dpcm sample plays and is over? Z00 and tilting doesn't help. I was thinking of just entering blank samples to just keep the tri volume duck consistent for a tri solo, but idk.
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post #191670 :: 2024.06.10 1:21pm
tri, noise and dpcm are all lumped together as a unit, so the delta counter offset (which is controlled by Zxx and also modified by dpcm sample playback) affects all their volumes together, collectively. it matters less for noise, of course, since that at least has volume control.

if no dpcm is playing, there shouldn't be any changes in the delta counter at all, so you should just be able to reset it to Z00 (which is max volume) and it'll stay at max volume. nothing else affects it besides Zxx commands. but if dpcm is playing it's always gonna be shifting some amount. famitracker has an option to force it to reset to Z00 on every note cut, but of course you'll get that little pop/click noise from the DC offset when you do. your best bet to keep volume high is to reset to Z00 whenever you can - if you really dislike the click noise, try to insert it on beats where new notes are happening, then it kinda blends in as a "transient" - or try leading into it with an interpolated run of Zxx commands from a middle level back to 00 so the pops will be individually quieter (the bigger the jump the louder the pop)

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