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heyoo. Listen to my tale of woe, young folk.

🎶 Some BGM for the thread... sethdonut - B.S.H.

I can't take much more of this. I hate my neighbor. As a result I’m engaged in a microeconomy of meme manufacture because my mind is fractured. Enter: http://buddhistsoundhealing.online/


For months I've felt terrorized but the low-frequency thumping of my neighboring businesses' music. Michael Jackson, Barry White, I'm told. That's well and fine but the nuisance has driven me crazy. Every moment and thought interrupted by the purposeful devising of a plan to abate the nuisance, assert my very real rights as as tenant in New York State, call out the business owner's very real lease violation due exclusively to her sole behavior. There's more on the "What Is This" Page. Here's a sample:


EXT: Apartment parking lot (1030pm)

‍What do you want?


Good, because you don't know who you're messing with.

You know you're torturing my wife with this music? Do you fucking realize this?

You're torturing her.

SHUT THE FUCK UP! Listen to me: you are torturing my wife!

(like an echo)
You're torturing he—

SHUT THE FUCK UP! You know I really thought I would try and appeal to your compassion, but that's clearly isn't gonna fucking work. And what's really crazy to me is that you have a 3 foot statute of the fucking BUDDHA on your front porch. Clearly you don't give a fuck about tranquility! So what, is it a counterfeit? You people are insane!


... These people are terrorists, in my view. Willfully ignorant of the creation of suffering impacting their very next door neighbor. What I call a dangerous dummy. Won't listen to reason, won't imagine for a second what it might be like to live life as another individual under the sun.

It's done me no good, ya see!

It's all gotten very dark in my mind. Landlord won't evict. I won't sue the landlord because all I'd get is rent abatement, as I figure. I want it to stop (For the love of God stop). I'm feel backed into a corner. I don't want to passively receive this cruelty waiting for a court date to get piece of paper injunction that'll probably do no good.

But the galling bit of it all was the three-foot Buddha statue on their front porch. To whom do they think they are extolling the virtue of the Buddha? Do you respect tranquility or not? Who AARE YOU PEOPLE you see where this is going, right?

That's right. I've become a Buddhist too.


To make a longer story a little shorter, I purchased a 1500W 15" subwoofer and placed it above the business. Now whatever you hear on my website Buddhist Sound Healing is also coming out of a device set to "heal." I'll be slowly adding bits and features to it, and you at home can rest a little easier knowing that my neighbor is being simultaneously disabused of their ignorance.

You see, there are Four Noble truths. I've heard.
1. The truth of suffering
2. The truth of the cause of suffering
3. The truth of the end of suffering
4. The truth of the path that leads to the end of suffering.

I will build my neighbor a golden bridge to retreat across, that is my guarantee to you. But I cannot compromise on peace and quiet in my apartment.

Q: Move out?
A: Who's going to pay for that? The deposit on the new apartment? Are you going to force me to spend my time researching places to move when I'd rather be using my time doing anything else? I like my apartment. I refuse to flee. I will make you my project, god dammit. I resent the question. You move out. This is me being reasonable.

Q: Are you okay, really?
A: I'm actually happier than I've been in a long time. Before, I was not in control. Now, I'm remotely accessing a sophisticated programmed livestream to educate my neighbor on the nuances of frequency so they they, one day, might also appreciate golden silence. I am okay. I am changing every day, holding down a full time and part time job on top of this.

Q: Where do you work?
A: haha uhh. At my dad's engineering office. That's where I am now, because I pathologically avoid my apartment. My adrenaline surges when I'm there and only thoguh this convenience am I afforded the opportunity to fight back. A base of operations where I can remotely deploy Buddhist sound healing. I work on film VFX during the day, and write music at night.

Q: You're screaming at your neighbor in the middle of the night?
I'm not proud of this, but it was our sixth conversation at that point and I thought prior to this I had an assurance from my landlord (before he checked out entirely from this) the problem was solved. He is sympathetic to me and gave me their lease agreement to read and verify that they are explicitly not entitled to a loudspeaker than annoys neighbors. On top of that, New York State grants tenants the right to "quiet enjoyment." I have to figure that this is a law for a very good reason, for people like me (and possibly you) so that these things don't escalate. Like burning down your own house to collect its precious nails before you move. How about we not burn it all down instead?
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Bonus: you may notice in the corner of the livestream a little ad that says, "Eat at Benny's Brown Bag." This is a local sandwich shop. I'm friends with the owners, and decided I'd make them a little commercial pro bono. Here it is: https://www.instagram.com/p/C0Prxu1Auco/

The idea of throwing my full endorsement behind a competitor shop and freely advertising it is extremely amusing to me. You see, spite makes life worth living.
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Fellow green/red outline KungFuFurby it would be my great honor to feature your song on my humble, unlisted livestream. Played every hour!
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oh hey, I live quite close... just drove past peekskill today, in fact! I have an office/storage space in buchanan and live in beacon.

I'll patronize benny's sometime, it looks good :) I usually just go to the salsa fresca on route 6 if I'm hungry when around there...

if you want, I can also go to the hot dog place and ask them trolling questions about the music (and especially if you can hear the BSH down there, ask what that noise is, heh)

even though you said you don't want to move, if beacon isn't too far from your life stuff for you, I'm connected with some real estate owners here and could potentially fast-track you into getting a place (can't promise that right now, but certainly can ask!)

btw, I envision the tone of the nonsensical "you're torturing her" reply to be akin to "you're a towel" from south park :P
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What model of subwoofer did you go with, and would you sooner buy the same one again or try a new one?
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Grumskiz: "Maybe you can counterbalance the bass nuisance with this treble nuisance?"
This song is incredible. I have so much more appreciation for this today than I might have in 2013. goluigi is ahead of his time. To truly resonate through the floor I need to broach the deeper, 40-200hz range of tones.

VirtualMan: "What model of subwoofer did you go with, and would you sooner buy the same one again or try a new one?"
I have the 15" model of this: https://youtube.com/watch?v=NHGuPWD1Bqo and apparently Amazon no longer sells it? It's an incredible subwoofer.

xterm: Yes, the tone of "you're torturing her" was exactly like Towelie. I really do appreciate this comment although I won't endorse visiting this business (for any reason). The best thing you can do is patronize Benny's Brown Bag if you're in town. They're great people. As for Beacon, you know there may be a future where that's a possibility for me but it'll depend on what happens this summer. Stay tuned!
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makes sense - I'll hit up benny's some time. best of luck with all this!
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Thank you for the info. Sadly, not even the manufacturer provides information for that subwoofer now. It sounds like you got a deal.


Bring those bologna bastards Buddhist hell.
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lol reading this as a German is so silly funny.
if I wld listen to music remotely louder than room volume I wld get the police at my door telling me to shut up, and if it happens more than 2 or 3 times, I wld totally get fined.
and that's as a private person - it is a lot more strict for businesses, they wld probably lose their license to sell things within a month.
the US surely is an incredibly fascinating place
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i had my old apartment for many years and the final one of my upstairs neighbors were truly awful. some of it wasn't their fault, they had a small, growing spawn who bounded around on the floor all the time and genuinely sounded like an adult willfully stomping their feet (and frequently startling the hell out of me, my cat, or my house guests). but i did have to complain about the dad's speakers on the ground that blasted call of duty gun and explosion noises...

...and my personal favorite, they would constantly play on loop these revolting CDs of dancey, cutesy nursery rhymes for their kid, for hours at a time, at any time of day. it was so loud i could only imagine the kid's hearing was gonna get fucked, i could hear the words of every song and knew what they all were. i wrote an entry about this a couple advent calendars ago lol: https://battleofthebits.com/arena/Entry/Anti+Nursery+Rhyme+DJ+Mix+Deployment/50229/

the last time i had complained (which was the second or third time lol), my landlady indicated if something happened again she'd need to take more serious action against them, and i didn't want this family to be displaced or whatever, i didn't wanna fuck up their lives. so i wrote them a hand-written note saying i could hear that stuff playing for hours a day and asking them to please keep it turned down, as politely as i could. i left them a bag of freshly baked cookies with it. and it stopped being an issue (the kid bounding around, and the vacuuming at midnight, and etc did not stop really but hey whatever)
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*hits the pen*

Bringing your neighbors a gift was perhaps the strongest aspect of the gesture, damifortune. It demonstrates a commitment to community as opposed to a campaign, like mine, focusing on my traumatic scar tissue. I wonder what sort of gift I could bring my neighbor; free from the sardonic or poisonous interactions we’ve shared in the past. I admit I don’t take kindly to bullies.

Whereas noise from a child… isn’t deliberately disrespectful. The sound of the cars passing next to my window, or the union construction yard behind my apartment clanking and clattering bits of heavy beams all day doesn’t disturb me, albeit literally decibels louder than the hot dog lady. It is the atmosphere of disrespect motivating me, and I’m reminded of this often. Perhaps the ideal enlightened action is making a pleasant gift the focus of the campaign. But after reading Mario Puzo’s The Godfather over the summer, I began to understand that some people only respect the old gods; a world where cruel power is respected above all. This is how I know my neighbor is not a Buddhist, and why it is my mission to dispel ignorance, and help another being achieve a more conscious—and more fulfilling—experience of life.

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