🎄 Our Christmas card is here! Merry Christmas!!
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Our Christmas card is here!! Merry Christmas!!! Woooo \o/

Everyone here doing their own thing is what makes these so special~

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Hey, it's me again!

I'm organizing a virtual Christmas card for everyone to sign so that we can have even more to look forward to during the holiday season!

If you wanna join, create a signature from scratch or choose a preexisting one (either made by you or by someone else) to represent you.

Your "signature" can be anything: a photo, a collage, a rough sketch, a single panel meme, a 4 panel comic, a happy holidays message, a character you associate yourself with wearing a Christmas hat, a combination of some of those things, a literal signature, etc.

Spend as much time on it as you'd like. This is not a competition.

The only restrictions are that your sig is no larger than 400x400 and that it's Christmas and/or New Year themed.

Leave your BotBr name somewhere in your sig so that everyone can identify you.

When you're ready, send it to me, either by Discord DM (texbotb) or by giving me the lowest amount of boons with a link to your image in the message field.

Then, I'll arrange everyone's sigs and post them here on December 24 in one single big image with all of us wishing Battle of the Bits and its denizens a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in our own personalized ways!
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post #180058 :: 2023.12.03 9:44am
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bumping so I don’t forget
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post #180436 :: 2023.12.08 1:44am
  mirageofher liēkd this
Two weeks left!!

Already received a few.
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post #180775 :: 2023.12.11 2:31pm
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Finally, I get to sign something with BluXMas. Never thought I'd see the day.
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post #180841 :: 2023.12.12 3:54pm
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Jolliness activated
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post #181187 :: 2023.12.18 6:22pm
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post #181447 :: 2023.12.24 3:24am
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Heyo, the wait is over!

Our Christmas card is up in the first post.

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post #181464 :: 2023.12.24 7:16am
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Sorry everyone!

Completely forgot I established boon messages as an alternate form of communication and didn't check my alerts ;_;

So, I updated the card with two more signatures: one from Raiku and another one from lasersphaser.

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