Escape the Fair
  Nov 19th 2023 2:22pm
Weird random song using the Seta/Allumer X1-010, which I almost never hear, or about.
I don't know what I did with this, but enjoy the 8mb worth of... probably Furnace writing every single wavetable change when a lot of instruments use algorithms (there's a dynamic synthesizer for that on Furnace). I didn't realize that and I'm too lazy to change it now lol
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Level 15 Chipist
post #179682 :: 2023.11.27 2:18pm
  swapxfo liēkd this
Agreed it's not a chip / setup you see much at all. I appreciate the time it must've taken to set up all those waverables! Think you put together a clean and fun track with a method that doesn't always lend itself to that. Nice work!

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