organya (.org) format proposal
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Level 11 Mixist
post #191780 :: 2024.06.12 4:50pm
  Viraxor, Xaser, Yung Gotenks, nitrofurano, damifortune, Luigi64, lasersphaser, big lumby and agargara liēkd this
i need my organya immediately

idk what to really put here but exporting to .wav can be done with orgmaker 3 ( which can just be converted to mp3 afterwards ofc
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big lumby
post #191781 :: 2024.06.12 4:56pm
  arceus413 liēkd this
this looks like a cross between pxtone and openmpt. i love it
Level 26 Chipist
post #191782 :: 2024.06.12 5:02pm
  Viraxor, nitrofurano, lasersphaser and arceus413 liēkd this
+100, I'd love to see this format. Organya is like the "true chipist" younger sibling of pxtone.

on a side note, where are all the pxtone battles? I need more pxtone in my life
Level 12 Playa
post #191783 :: 2024.06.12 5:17pm
  moth, Viraxor, Xaser, Collidy, nitrofurano, Hexer, kleeder, big lumby, lasersphaser, arceus413 and damifortune liēkd this
sorry, we're no longer .org
Level 31 Chipist
post #191784 :: 2024.06.12 5:32pm
  arceus413 liēkd this
funnily enough i was thinking about this literally today like "wait why is orgmaker not a format"
Level 8 Chipist
post #191786 :: 2024.06.12 6:18pm
  Collidy liēkd this
“it’s not dot org!”
Level 28 Chipist
post #191886 :: 2024.06.14 11:12am
  arceus413 liēkd this
runs fine on wine! \o/
Level 31 Chipist
post #191887 :: 2024.06.14 11:24am
  Viraxor, Collidy and nitrofurano liēkd this
its .com
Level 11 Mixist
post #191889 :: 2024.06.14 11:26am
  Viraxor, Xaser and nitrofurano liēkd this
commaker 4 coming 2029
Level 31 Chipist
post #192157 :: 2024.06.20 8:28am
  nitrofurano and Yung Gotenks liēkd this
some useful stuff to list for this format request would be:

- what are the capabilities/functions of this software, in broad overview at least
- what stuff do the newer forks provide
- is it multi-platform or is emulation through WINE any good
- any other useful resources or links related to the software
- what are the valid filetypes (is it just .org?)

basically stuff that would be useful for outlining the format to someone new to it, to possibly become a lyceum article if the format were to be implemented. i've been trying to document some of the various format requests people have made lately, and i think this is a good one, but i only know of orgmaker, i have never used it myself, so that info would be helpful :D
Level 11 Mixist
post #192171 :: 2024.06.20 4:13pm :: edit 2024.06.20 4:16pm
  damifortune, nitrofurano and Yung Gotenks liēkd this
attempt to list things
- 8 Mono Melody Channels with 100 Different Waves and 8 Drum Channels
- OrgMaker 3 Fixes several bugs, has Smooth Scrolling, Theming and the ability to export stuff as .wav, Not sure about OrgMaker 2 really but it added more drums
- WINE seems to work fine
- There is guides in the Org server but can't really link them since they're hosted on Discord and I don't know how to mirror stuff (OrgMaker does also have a Help button though)
- Just .org
Level 28 Chipist
post #192173 :: 2024.06.20 5:16pm
  arceus413 liēkd this
@damifortune wine is a compatibility layer, not an emulator! ;) -
Level 31 Chipist
post #192174 :: 2024.06.20 5:21pm
  a-tiny-pony, nitrofurano, sulkaritari and arceus413 liēkd this
they shouldn't call it WINE Is aN Emulator then huh

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