Level 24 Chipist   
Tags Given

arabic silly dog armageddonstep coronacore grime hip hop dance spoopy seashore bass ambient tension dissonance duty cycle nes thunder force megadrive bleak steve minecraft fender bender amp vaporwave vocal piano chiptune sans undertale 80s megaman eerie ominous evolving intro sad EDM brie synthy limiter funk dr who mario motown rhodes bright airplane brush percussion shaker calm jazz tango fm F.R.I.E.N.D.S. tango snap drum panning famitracker discord soothing synth retrowave guitar renoise techno saw filter catchy fsound 8bit apprego addamsfamily castlevania fade mathematical 90s indian illegal snowman casual joy short chaos night berries doom uwu lofi rave crunch prison mario prison kirby factory groovy loopy slippery sand canyon zelda earthbound openmpt stomper erratic latin banjo it chill Minecraftcore Polka reverb horror smooth pirates terraria suspense minecraft kirby robobot amiga pandahell vapor wave big bang theory doomish koto loud corrupted orchestra genesis sonic tenniserscore blobcore thomascore Nokia ringtone long shrek james machine annie are you ok flanger plasma wave hmmm mongolian throat POKEY garden sci-fi deltarune disco improvised motif snow requiem4adream piano drumloop final fantasy kfaradaycore 00c cold spaghetti hyper zone arpeggio tycoon game ost lamentations order from chaos rap space worms sign language worm spooky ghost fat piano tutorial etude mother 3 synthesia t major touhou mini boss kefcore C Major campfire one pattern vibrato gtapcore pokemon kirbyish breakbeat Dark Seinfeld slapbass chords lawnmowercore strobecore bell dreamy moustachecore Scientology moon adventure simsynth dark regular show autotune anime anime voices marimba uplifting rc tycoon 3 flange voices inspiring pluck patient phone queue midi piano merry-go-round future animal crossing sunsoft subtle f sounding NESish lava experimental surveillance corporatewave hospital boycore beat popbeat lady gaga insanity madness black midi corporate core overdrive vrc7 dpcm tobikomicore jack skeleton rouge triangle serious aliens waterfall unitarianism ecumenicalism globalism beat it thumbs up ps1 inspirational lavender town trumpet phaser drumloop skeleton crypt dungeoncore music destroyed pad wario twisted insane clap paulstretch alien abduction eq high pass electronic requiem dream suit business card blur bridge? old timey boss baby believe song bad number UAC botb page laptop meme slow odd beekcore hungry peaceful odd engies swampy dotM a bit strange arp weather music groove final fantasy 7 major chord banjo kazooie psuedo-Action 52 mash relaxing dramatic echo cat undertale song shizz acoustic sax guitar cabinet penaltycore princess pitch bossanova chaotic hot strange zombies seething late entry finality reflection metronome pumpkin goggles robot sonic eggman music symbols pixelart=draw race funny accordion white noise high pitch ufo hunters spore tribal stage animu digiart sketch stick figures lisa trill stroll mcdonalds treasure island acid weird Xtreme Love xtreme penalty jazz jazz fusion hazbin hotel hotel jumpy blippy :X blues terminator bubbly sine nokia dnb rabbit siberiacore mysterious broke nsfplay ugly crazy cow screech minor xplosive squirrel king hospitalboycore nutshack gangsta whattheheck bird sleep aura airship cheer major eyeballs undertale collab cheery goggle channel f full moon fractal animelanguage convulsion electric happy villager homework elvis morse code bottle blow 2 part egyptian snazzy old school minecraftnoscope corruption merry pun ambiance umbrella samurai synthesis band farm hayfield toms portamento mariolike binary code drawn plushy power lines medieval microtonal clouds big it2nsf boss battle mario cart resonance steveminecraft sustain lo-fi x hand drawn intense punk rock carrot Deflemask soft Thunder thesis singing umph graduation music reggae bob marley japanese distortion green greens square fart noises ethnic metal pulse island cutesy dj sincxcore smw chime ice rain quack synth wave keygen cutoff merrygoround sunvox reverse glockenspiel flowey donkey kong ai hannacore heavy high society bees gif flower theramin FF6 hospital boy black and white france vore codacore astronomical scary stormy hillbilly sounds dungeon downbeat trees dangerous static bouncy soviet dictator paint pixel e gong famisynth valse beepy fast cool chorus jojo cuphead christmas cake foot fetish ye twinkee triumphant yankee doodle contralto soprano brandish drums half life live inspired ambience melodic back and forth algebra giggly kleedercore apple not short at all portal funutecore battle contrast beach sand subliminal statistics boonsave lullaby crow haunted soundtrack windy shading sidebyside hanna mspaint notjessatallwtf neuro funky werewolf mariokart hawt cartoon notepad grim reaper vampire kitten rebellious samba cartoony googles handrawn svg creepy graffiti jpgcutout ms paint banana atmospheric quartet chrono trigger capitalist lights turquoise bubbles messy 1 bit smiley new york joker movie jakerson pepe monk rainy photograph vavs backyard ocean kleeder friday 13th lumby stay puff pops classic jammin wake up jazzy emotional eye beams moog lyrics jess collection purple cyan orange sunset boat probs illegal hamburger trianglecore no arpfest nsfw sunsoft bass glitch mexicocore dpcmcore tf2 spongebob botbrcore friday night fun la 0:56 ameliacore moody french adventure time color strobe bluegrass cave pie toilet isometric coughing arpcore dream minecraft dragon megalovania ice town theme homestuck quiet commission nokiacore electric arc bee hive sfx christian

Tags Received

dreamy chipstyle it mellow moody creepy joy short eerie :( sad spooky ghost dad tracker low_rez calligraphy treble clef voice mixing voice pickle rick panning loopy tension inverted samples bass knight pixel multiple fonts buzzy atari weird crazy John Deere lawnmowercore vgm grime wub horn clubby egg experimental minecraft rolling no 1st grade pencil picklecore comic notebook bdsm drawing rick and morty cute mspaint disco ball dancefloor cheese holding hands haste fm newsroom sparse plinky break handwritten samples simple stroll blippy snowman cool hardpanning slow jumpy tiny 2heads snesgss erfbond ominous Earthbound mysterious melodic odd chords donky sky carrot nose paint draw sunvox Yip-Yip dark arps drunkore random poopcore digiart string tracks girl flower carrot drawn font distortion evil dissonant h fire hot mask pun dads FSound music notes kixel sunglasses sweat sand catus desert mystery breath adventurous atmospheric chill calm collab funky sneventracker Sega Chiptunes 2020 New Chips New Chiptunes not dungeon synt pandavovacore midi clap cheery trains multitrack long suite catlongiscat thin longcatislong gangsta black and white playful happy piano round descriptioncore abrupt ending storytime dance bubbly peaceful minimal loud meow vrc7 disco dog izzhovcore what da dog doin c700 burp 2a03 synthpop groovy electroswing saxy climbing music vgm music boxy straight arpfest jazzy synth drums midistyle matt furniss doom flutey threatening bouncy chills laughs vocal mixing beat lofi minimalistic illegal ambient tempo changes boonsave penaltycore relaxing dpcm detuned bells space noise curious animated blank canvas low saturation breaks cyborgs bassy concept art dnb castle boss battle booncore shrug intense noisecore unsettling eastern portrait botbrcore objectcore splash screen VS showdown sean reggaeton motivating beepy vibratocore psychedelic symbols icon goggles Jeskola Buzz mp3 guitar emotional pixel art small window bigger fish big fish terrifying predator botbcore baba-booey wild kefcore battle theme babyface bleepy bluecore dramatic punchy dolphin river night waterfall pumpkin medieval shoes pirate 7/4 melancholic oreo orchhitcore asia S5B gloomy chippy Mincraftcore camera zoom yoshicore wave mmc5 56 otter industrial combination war cyborg dogcore staccatos Toadette undertale action soothing motorcycle sunset road heavy XD blackwhite silhouette cave hardware render tempo change mountain DUCK bread cake chicken cosplay CHANNEL F hi idgi ad infinitum BRONZE busy BROKEN periodic noise templeOS cheerful wobbly perfect 35 colorcore pinkcore fun spoopy lincentcore wizard melting clover speedy dessert 3d 3d model tears upbeat statue quirky af pizza legs quirky anthropomorfic lonely stroll basscore cat head pat boxes hypnotising SOAP ad deflemask pig purple laidback graveyard steel drum energetic POG electro silly space butterfly pattern ytpmv gaster relaxed street 5/4 explosion Robot storytelling fear underwater gag Various Stuff gen z fiction classical warm