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  Sep 20th 2023 1:48pm
Every time I'd heard about the "major events" that take place in my region, it was always happening elsewhere, and pretty far away. Even though at times I felt bad about thinking the way I did, I still never thought of it as something that concerned me, it was always someone else's problem, in some other town.

But not today.

Those feelings I'd only read about in message boards, the rhythmic rumbling, the very high frequency buzzing in your ears, suddenly overcame everyone in our office. The TV hanging from the ceiling displayed the famous announcement screen, that I was seeing for the very first time, and that I'd see many other times in my life until it was replaced by a handy notification on one's smart device.

"Remain calm", one of the lines read, "don't run or push". How little authority had the TV during a crisis, how little reassurance. My coworkers, whom I often thought didn't care about the world around them, sprang into a frenzy, running for the emergency exits, disregarding each and every one of our security drills. "Only take essentials with you", read another, but my boss was too busy trying to enter the combination of his safe to comply.

It is true what they say, I thought to myself. No matter how much we prepare for what's to come, once it's happening it's so hard to remember. The first time, we're all newbies.

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Level 10 Criticist
post #177057 :: 2023.09.20 1:49pm
  dobra liēkd this
First teletext entry! Man this format is restrictive.

Also yes, that's braille. And an easy reference to get.
Level 10 XHBist
post #177068 :: 2023.09.20 8:07pm :: edit 2023.09.20 8:07pm
this is really cool! I wanna do one of these for this compo but I haven't figured out how to use the tools fully yet
How did you animate it?
Level 10 Criticist
post #177070 :: 2023.09.20 9:37pm
Oh! There's a command to make text flash on screen, it takes up one character space to toggle it and one to stop it for other elements in the same line. zxnet and have it as F

There are other animation possibilities with pages but I really don't get that part of the format yet lol
Level 10 XHBist
post #177071 :: 2023.09.20 9:50pm :: edit 2023.09.20 9:52pm
Thank you! I know like nothing about how teletext works so this is very interesting how it takes up a space to run commands...
I'm using cause it seems to have all the same tools as zxnet but with less menus
Level 14 Mixist
post #177074 :: 2023.09.21 12:58am
  Abraxas86 liēkd this
how kind of botb to warn me of the upcoming nuclear fallout! And more importantly the next major battle of course
Level 16 Chipist
post #179366 :: 2023.11.20 11:04am :: edit 2023.11.20 11:05am
When the Black Mesa facility goes under due to a Resonance Cascade 4HB
Level 6 Chipist
post #180027 :: 2023.12.03 2:39am
I really like the pallete choice here, looks really cool imo :)

...What does the braile mean though? Just curious.

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