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  98th/128   Σ20.948   Nov 26th 2023 8:41am
The other map entry that I went way too ambitious on, although this one is about 75-90% done (since I kept adding on more and more area ideas hence why this took so long), hence WIP. While it's not complete, what's there should still be mostly presentable and fully playable at least. (you can probably tell which part I left off at)

It doesn't even have an exit, so the map is "finished" when you collect all skulls. The final version of the map would have at least had a way to unlock the stairs to the second floor.

(The overall map design is vaguely inspired by Peach's Castle in SM64 I guess?)


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Level 31 Chipist
post #179592 :: 2023.11.26 8:55am
  funute liēkd this
awww, too bad its not finished, but what is there looks rly cool (apart from some error textures on the walls, unless i load it wrong).
congratz on completionism!!!
Level 29 Chipist
post #179595 :: 2023.11.26 9:10am
  kleeder liēkd this
I don't think I forgot any error textures? But now I can't remember lol

I play tested mostly on PrBoom, also tried older versions on the original DOS Boom. Can't guarantee it works on other source ports, especially since I do some wild stuff in this one
Level 19 Mixist
post #179603 :: 2023.11.26 10:10am
  funute liēkd this
Some of the upper textures in the "computer furnace room" (sector 59) are misaligned, I think this is what Kleeder was talking about. Linedefs 340/357/776/779 are arguably misaligned for a reason, but the upper textures above the passageways and windows are also out of whack.

Some of the angles are a bit sharp, particularly the rear edges of the big building - if vertex 818 was moved west a bit, with a hedge or fence or something to block the path that'd open up, it'd probably be for the better.

Cool map though, has a very "Doom 1" feel to it despite having D2 enemies and Boom special effects. Usually a "Doom 1 feel" is backhanded code for "having to pump-action Cacos and Barons and the D2-exclusive hellspawn ughhhhh", but thankfully you avoided that common irritation! Good amount of ammo and health pickups, too, and having two radioactive suits was a really good touch considering how the blue key room works.
Level 29 Chipist
post #179649 :: 2023.11.26 10:56pm
  cabbage drop liēkd this
Oh I see what you mean, yeah I did not get around to correctly aligning the textures. I only just recently discovered the shortcuts for changing texture offsets in SLADE despite this being my 5th map made in it, so understandably I was going to leave that to the end since I didn't want to constantly do trial and error on all the texture offsets.


Speaking of, one of the things I wanted to do is do more room-over-room shenanigans and tying parts of the map together. The red skull area was going to have a nukage pool flowing back into the blue skull room (you can see I marked where the flow would have been outside on the map). The cave entrance was going to go under the outside area and lead to a cave room where the yellow skull was going to be (maybe this could have led into the outside building as well?) The lava from outside also would have been flowing down into the cave room.

Eventually with both red and blue skulls, you could put them both into the stairway and unlock the stairs where you would go up to the second and/or third floor and/or rooftop, hit some rooms with harder late-game enemies (Archville, Pain Elemental, etc.), and then exit the level. I was going to make some spiral stairways (again like in Peach's Castle in SM64) to lead to the third floor and/or roof, and that stairway area would have the teleport for the fake room-over-room.

In retrospect...yeah that's way too much map for 1 out of 20 entries, but I think it would have been cool and awesome :D (and again I'm still pretty happy with what's out here)
Level 27 XHBist
post #181013 :: 2023.12.16 4:39am
  funute liēkd this
I get the SM64 castle reference, yeah.

The rooms are really dark while the outside is sky bright. I like this kind of contrast in a map.

Not all doors are opened in a typical way. Instead, they require you to activate a switch. So you must look for it. This helps keep things more varied, too.

Speaking of switches, there's a hidden one here
. But it won't work. Wonder what it was meant for.

And speaking of switches again, there's one in a room near the blue skull and it works. Just haven't figured out what it does. But maybe I just failed to notice.

Agreed that the map has a Doom 1 feel. The way to the blue skull has an immersive stealthy jumpscare mood and I like that.

It's not a difficult map, since the amount of pickups is generous. I never felt like I had to be economic with my ammo usage.

Short, but fun WIP you have here! Made me want to explore the second floor.
Level 29 Chipist
post #181038 :: 2023.12.16 11:02am
That outdoor switch was meant to unlock a secret somewhere in the outdoor area, but again, unfinished business. The switch in the room before the blue skull room unlocks a secret in the indoor area (showcased here in my playthrough
). It's somewhat intentionally obscure and easy to miss.

One day I'd like to come back and finish and clean up the map.

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