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  19th/128   Σ26.635   Nov 4th 2023 2:29pm
Hello everyone.
So, this is in theory a very simple little website for creating your own BotB Playlists.
I spent a few hours on this and most importantly, I didn't implement many error handlings, okay? So have fun breaking it with wrong inputs and all that.

For setup, simply donload the zip and extract it.
Open the index.html and it should work right away.

Now, you can either create a new playlist by typing in a name (you can now change it later, but pls still think of a good one, okay???), or by importing an existing playlist.

Here is one that I created:

If you created a new playlist, you can add entries to it, by putting in a valid entry id. You can technically add visual entries and all that, but why would you do that...? You will probably only break the tool. So: add music, ya? Good.

You can also add a thumbnail by adding a gfx entry id. You better make sure its a square, unless you enjoy weird stretching. If you add a non-gfx-entry, it will just break the image-displaying.
Pro-tip: Add your thumbnail at the end, after adding all the entries, because otherwise it will reload the thumbnail after every playlist-update. Yes, I am a very smart and good programmer.

You can't fancy drag/drop your entries to change the order, but hey at least you can delete an entry by clicking that ❌ next to it! Listening to single entries works without issues, too.

When you're done with your playlist, you can generate a playlist code just like the one I shared above, and everyone with the tool can then import your list and listen to it...
well, technically not, because the "Playlist Listen"-link leads to a broken BotB-Radio. There is currently no way to play custom playlists on BotB. Sadly, puke7 said that getting it to work would be way too complicated the way the radio works rn, therefore I don't think we will see a working version of this anytime soon...

You can find all your currently saved playlists at the bottom, in case you quickly want to switch between them.

Please note that all your playlists will disappear on page loads, because I only save them in a JS-variable. So please save them from time to time (code-export)

It would be cool if we can get some playlists in the comments, so please keep sharing them here. :D/

You can also use the Playlist Creator under this link now, if you're too lazy to download the entry: https://kleeder.de/files/playlist_creator/index.html

2023-10-27 :: v0.1 - initial release
2023-11-04 :: v0.2 - made title changable, fixed playlist-title refresh bug, added error message for wrong imports


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post #178349 :: 2023.10.28 1:02am
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post #178367 :: 2023.10.28 12:49pm :: edit 2023.10.28 1:02pm
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This is great, THANK YOU. Useful and fun. 100% I am gonna get use of this. Adding the format icon was a nice little touch. This feels like a nice community thing too, would love to see playlists shared by others, already checked out these :). Maybe after the battle we could have a thread to share more!

edit: oops, forgot to add a thumbnail. Same playlist

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post #179353 :: 2023.11.20 10:12am
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is this a plot to create a new language that's inspired by transfem keysmashing?
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post #179843 :: 2023.12.01 5:27am
  kilowatt64 liēkd this
2023-11-04 :: v0.3 - You can now copy links and get the playlist to load directly.
It takes the current browser URL to generate the link, so you can only rly use this if you have the page running on some public host.

like me:
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post #180153 :: 2023.12.04 2:36pm
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i tried it out

Level 17 Chipist
post #180691 :: 2023.12.10 12:56pm
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This seems interesting, can definitely see the use in it!

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