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post #179312 :: 2023.11.19 7:20pm
According to Wikipedia,, and the MSGS_Fixed.reabank, instrument #87/88 in the General MIDI set is "Bass + Lead". Fantasia (aka "Pad 1 (New Age)") is actually #88/89.
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post #179315 :: 2023.11.19 8:46pm
  Lint_Huffer liēkd this
yeah, I made a little typo. I do it once every three battles or so lol. Thats why i include the "refer to name" thing :P

The reason it happens is almost always because I'm thinking of how to write it out while I'm still in the "looking for what patch it is" phase so i end up looking one number too high or too low, depending on if I did 0-127 or 1-128 for the rng or if im using Logic to find patches or scrolling through them on a GM synth

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