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Hey folks, I'd be super honored if you had some fun with this one. For those of you who don't know, I made an NES game last year
. This battle centers on augmenting its audio and/or imagining new sounds!

The allgear format is meant for remixes and/or interpretations of the wav files and/or the midi files.

The nsf_classic format is meant for original music inspired by gameplay.

The vast majority of the GunTneR soundtrack is procedurally generated. The only sequenced part is the bass line of the boss battle theme. The midi files in the bitpack were carefully crafted using nodeJS
for an accurate representation of what the NES code produces.

Two ROMs are included in the bitpack as well. One is the full original game and the other has the ingame music disabled. There is an option screen inside the game with sound test features (both music and sfx).

The .wav files were recorded from hardware and have noise reduction applied.
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  • Intrepidness • Halucinations • Dingle Time • Adventure • Rudy in Pants
  • All registered users of BotB may vote.
  • All tunes will be rendered to MP3 for voting accessibility.
  • No covers allowed, only original works.
  • Entries that have been previously publicly released are not allowed.
  • While generative processes are permitted if designed by the entrant, they should never be used as a substitute for putting real human effort into your entries on BotB.
Questions and Contact
  • For direct communication join us on IRC!! #botb       :D/
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BotB GunTneR Remixes and Inspirations

18.7mb with this you may begin
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Being a general use Mixist format, anything that can record, compose, arrange, and mix music and/or sound from scratch, free and paid, will do for this format. Anything that isn't audio is off limits. Additional bit pack rules may apply.  :: read lyceum article

Maximum File Size :: 12.5mb

5 entries submitted :: view entries :: listen entries

SUBMIT ENTRY submit nsf_classic
  NES/Famicom Classic

Music made for the 2A03-chip, featured in the Nintendo Entertainment System
no DPCM or expansion chips  :: read lyceum article

Maximum File Size :: 1,024kb

5 entries submitted :: view entries :: listen entries