Increase file size limit on mpt format to match renoise format
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post #187979 :: 2024.04.17 7:30am
  nitrofurano and agargara liēkd this
I feel like it's a little odd that renoise gets a 25mb limit when .mptm is stuck with 12.5mb. If there's a reason for this I'm not seeing, then I have no issue with it. But I feel it's a little silly as it stands
Level 18 Chipist
post #188040 :: 2024.04.17 11:00pm :: edit 2024.04.17 11:00pm
  agargara liēkd this
It doesn't solve the problem but I guess we could say the same for furnace and pxtone, which are limited to 12.5mb too and can sometimes need a lot of space for samples.

We can probably add lgpt to these two as it's sample-based but I never tried it so we'll need someone else to confirm it
Level 31 Chipist
post #188051 :: 2024.04.18 6:42am
  Viraxor, Opilion, Lasertooth and kleeder liēkd this
i wonder if this has anything to do with sample compression or lack thereof on renoise's part, but i don't really know

if it was totally arbitrary (which i doubt but hey idk really!) i would honestly rather see the renoise limit reduced to match, rather than other formats raised... that is already a crazy amount of space imo. you can easily fit like a hundred good samples. you can fit stuff like whole-ass recordings or stems. 12.5mb is already a pretty lax restriction, but restrictions are part of the fun. 25 is at the level of "just upload whatever you want" lol.

no change at all is fine too i think. just my 2c since you brought it up
Level 22 Mixist
post #188052 :: 2024.04.18 6:55am
good idea! mptm is rare enough imo that this wont make storing files any more cumbersome on the server

renoise64k when?
Level 28 Chipist
post #188080 :: 2024.04.18 5:12pm
@02FD idea makes sense, specially when we submit renoise entries made on openmpt
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post #188101 :: 2024.04.19 6:58am :: edit 2024.04.19 7:02am
renoise compresses samples from wav to flac - you can see it if you extract the files from the xrns (it's just a zip file)

also as a person who just fit stems into a renoise project, i would like to see the file size raised for the other formats. that being said, it is probably unreasonably big lol
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post #188171 :: 2024.04.20 9:53pm
  Opilion liēkd this
At least this attempt at requesting a file size increase for a format isn't backfiring horribly '=~=
Level 25 Chipist
post #188176 :: 2024.04.20 11:31pm
I honestly have no horse in this race, I wouldn't mind seeing larger maximums for all the above mentioned formats but also think they are fine as is...
but anyway one theory I have for the larger renoise size is that Renoise can have pretty thicc multisample instruments with different samples for each note and velocity. those can balloon pretty quickly
Level 21 Mixist
post #188223 :: 2024.04.22 4:17pm
Oh! I didn't know that. OpenMPT can certainly simulate that by just storing extra samples but yeah it has no capability to do that itself
Level 31 Chipist
post #188224 :: 2024.04.22 4:39pm
the sample map does that in it and mptm but not for velocity, just for note

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