idea: hints, tips and tricks for the random msg window at the top
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Level 31 Chipist
I was thinking about how some stuff on botb is the opposite
of intuitive for n00bz.
and there are definitely a handful of questions that come up in chat every month at least once.
maybe it wld avoid some of those questions if the funny message box at the top which currently only shows jokes, the taxman and guys without wares, wld show helpful hints sometimes.

something like ,,, idk "Hint: The Lyceum features a lot of knowledge and can help you if you're stuck."

"The human voice format has an image problem... Most people assume it is an acapella format, but you are actually allowed to use additional instruments as long as it features human voice as well."

"Advice: Think twice before favoriting an entry, because you will never be able to undo it"

obviously all of these could be worded better, but you get the idea hopefully.
Level 22 Mixist
post #187074 :: 2024.03.18 7:55am
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PRO TIP: let someone else get the renderist points! never render your own entries!
Level 31 Chipist
post #187075 :: 2024.03.18 8:13am
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oh this is a great idea!
Level 13 XHBist
post #187076 :: 2024.03.18 9:22am
  mirageofher, lasersphaser, roz, Demphys, blockblockblock, Lasertooth and kleeder liēkd this
this is a really good idea, ESPECIALLY for pointing new users to the lyceum. i didn’t figure out what it was until after i had already been battling properly for like a month, which feels a bit absurd given how much it can tell you about everything.
Level 31 Chipist
post #187077 :: 2024.03.18 9:35am
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@adibabidan i didnt know what an ohb was for 2 months while i was already joining major battles.
Level 26 Mixist
post #187080 :: 2024.03.18 11:56am
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The info box should have a "how to use this site" link that leads to usability. Essential reading listening for all n00bs!
Level 20 XHBist
post #187081 :: 2024.03.18 12:23pm
  Puddy, Surfcroc, mirageofher, Viraxor, Kaytse, lasersphaser, roz, adibabidan, Lasertooth, Hz-Voyager, SRB2er, Demphys and kleeder liēkd this
missing out on the chat component of battling seems like a common noob mistake

- "The voting period for XHBs actually only lasts until the XHB host confirms in chat that everyone has voted!"

- "Not all emtries are created equal! Vote high to show appreciation for excellent tracks, vote low to encourage botbrs to step up their game next round!"

I also really think Roz's maxim should be more visible:

- "Always submit, even if it's shit!"

it'd be fun to include an NPC-style image of Roz' avatar along with that one.
Level 21 Mixist
post #187084 :: 2024.03.18 1:06pm
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we need the botb lyceum mascot
Level 13 XHBist
post #187086 :: 2024.03.18 1:11pm
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bit of solving a problem that doesn't exist yet but maybe the tips could show up every time a fresh noob logs in and then decrease in frequency (and maybe also increase in how niche they are?) as they level up or get more playa points or something
Level 20 XHBist
post #187088 :: 2024.03.18 1:56pm
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@02fd it should be the Cheetahmen from Action 52
Level 24 XHBist
post #187090 :: 2024.03.18 2:41pm
  Surfcroc, mirageofher, Viraxor, blockblockblock, adibabidan, kleeder, Sloopygoop, lasersphaser and Lasertooth liēkd this
i for one can get behind block^3's proposal!!! and i also agree with the other comments about noobs often missing out on the social dimension of battles; definitely there should be a message about joining in chats.
Level 31 Chipist
post #187100 :: 2024.03.18 8:27pm
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Hint: You need to earn a badge before you can start hosting your own battles.
Level 24 XHBist
post #187115 :: 2024.03.19 8:16am
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it might also be useful for the messages to link to the relevant lyceum pages.
Level 24 XHBist
post #191922 :: 2024.06.15 5:32am
  Viraxor, lasersphaser, Surfcroc, Max Chaplin, blockblockblock, dobra, Mugo, kleeder and Blast_Brothers liēkd this
i still think this is a good idea.
Level 19 Chipist
post #192002 :: 2024.06.16 10:12pm
  lasersphaser liēkd this
i supprot this idea fully i would've loved this plenty when i first joined as well

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