hey!!! i need YOUR help to collect summa my songs onto this page!!!
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post #186017 :: 2024.02.29 10:11pm
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i made the revelation today... that i can upload scores onto the musescore.com website with CUSTOM sound! and apparently the score upload limit is completely gone since many years ago (jokes on me for having outdated information until today lol) so i collected some of my sourcefiles there!

this below link is my page. you can either snoop on my favourites history, or just be a weirdo who will actually check my scores out lol

i selected a few from some battles on botb, gravitybreak, and maybe a game jam. there IS good variety already, but i kinda want to start a whole collection of like. best of mioh music. yknow?

so pls let me know if you can think of any of my other songs to put onto musescore.com! it'll be more accessible than ever, i promise!
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post #186019 :: 2024.02.29 10:15pm
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trouble in frog city
freedom frogs OST
refraction ... is that even done yet? instrumental idk
risk situations instrumental
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post #186022 :: 2024.02.29 11:26pm
=================UPLOAD COMPLETE

please continue to give more recommendations
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post #186039 :: 2024.03.01 3:48am
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drool generator
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post #186047 :: 2024.03.01 8:38am
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Sorry, do they need to be musescore format so you have scores ready? Some of these are not and maybe not helpful

소리 <3

funky fish maintenance

spring storm

magical melting adventure
^warning: listener is obligated to depart for adventure after hearing
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post #186050 :: 2024.03.01 8:58am
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i think all of these were made in musescore actually
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post #186051 :: 2024.03.01 9:20am
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Yay now I can follow you with my mildly-cringey middleschool musescore account
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post #186070 :: 2024.03.01 1:34pm
=================UPLOAD COMPLETE

thank u all so far <3

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