McDonalds stopped serving salads during the pandemic and other intolerable war crimes
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post #185182 :: 2024.02.20 11:41pm
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post here every time you feel anything negative about McDonalds
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post #185183 :: 2024.02.20 11:44pm
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damn you mcdonald's for making me buy happy meals just so I can get these kirby toys
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post #185184 :: 2024.02.20 11:48pm
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didn't eat in a mecces since 2016 with one exception 2 years ago and I am not missing it in the slightest
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post #185185 :: 2024.02.20 11:49pm
  Viraxor liēkd this
But...I love McDonald's so much...I love ordering the whole menu. McDoald's is the healthiest food I've ever eaten. Legiterally, nothing can compare...In fact, I'm actually on the way there right now. We should go to a McDoanld's together sometime and be McBroskis.
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post #185186 :: 2024.02.20 11:51pm
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Have it your way
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post #185187 :: 2024.02.20 11:51pm
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post #185188 :: 2024.02.20 11:52pm
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post #185189 :: 2024.02.21 12:00am :: edit 2024.02.21 12:01am
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Last time I was there was for the coffee. They have a wonderful coffee. It's now the one I drink at home, too.

As for the rest of the menu, I've not touched it since I was a teenager.

Btw, ^^ .
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post #185195 :: 2024.02.21 12:53am
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yesterday I found two medium-sized rubbery translucent orange chunks of something in my food
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post #185197 :: 2024.02.21 1:05am
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those are called chicken pattys
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post #185198 :: 2024.02.21 1:23am
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the only good thing abt mcdonalds is the hazelnut iced coffee. will not willingly go back there even so.
the bread tastes fake af. why is it sweet and slightly plasticky. and oh my god the cheese? i bet they lick it before putting it in their burgers.
and when they put it in, its not even symmetrical like a normal burger shld be. theres always like a solid chunk just hanging out of the burger. thats NOT ALL, the whole thing always ends up smushed so much that the wrapper is soggy with ketchup, like wtf???
and did i tell u, their happy meals are fucking bogus, half the time u dont even get the toy and theres always a nugget or two missing. like do they eat it? i dont care if u steal some nuggies from the mega corporation but dont steal from ME, like I PAID FOR IT give it to me.
also their sliced apples remind me of that time in kindergarten i decided to eat the grass in front of the sand pit. absolutely fucking disgusting.
also i was curious abt the mcrib once (i was wondering why it keeps being advertised as "its finally back" like some kind of vermin lol) so i tried it. so much sugar. so much overwhelming tang. my eyes were tearing up. i had to argue with the cashier abt how i needed a cup of water to rinse out my mouth. she thought i was trying to steal soda from the soda place. like why do u care so much, ur 16yo ass wasnt the manager???
ok and before u guys say stuff like "mioh if u hate mcdonalds so much just leave the place, u dont have to eat from there" I CANT, MY STUPID AMERICANISED FAMILY LOVES MCDONALDS. do u know what my mum said when we visited mexico together. fucking "is there a mcdonalds here?" NO UR IN THE AZTEC RUINS THEYRE GONNA USE U FOR THE FILLET O FISH (with extra tartar sauce). and i have a fatass friend here whos addicted to fast food, every week he goes "hey mioh what do u think, shld i go to arbys wendys jack or mcdonalds. i have 10k points on the mcdonalds app that i can use, i can get you coffee" FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUXKFUCKCUFKFUXKFUCKFUCKFUCK HAZELNUT ICED COFFEE HEE-HO
also they add pickles
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post #185208 :: 2024.02.21 4:49am
I probably go three times a year for coffee, if I'm early for work and other coffee places aren't open yet
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Max Chaplin
post #185209 :: 2024.02.21 5:40am
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Support your local restaurants and buffets.
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post #185212 :: 2024.02.21 5:50am
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there's a cute little fastfood place near my work and it's a family business where I rly like to eat- not because the food is so great (it's alright) but because the people working there are friendly and you can feel that fast food is actually their passion. I usually drop an extra € there to support them :3
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post #185213 :: 2024.02.21 5:59am
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McD's is the bottom of the barrel to me, F tier. if i am forced to order food at one, which thankfully hasn't been in a great many years now, i do chicken. one time when i was a kid i got a bad stomachache from how salty their fries are. fast food runs a pretty wide range of un/acceptable quality and McDeez is the defining point of the low end

actually maybe that's Krystal 😨 don't trust any place that advertises a "sack"
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post #185214 :: 2024.02.21 6:06am
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McDonalds patties taste like carboard, their fries are gross, I hadn't been there in years but gave it a second chance last year and it only brought only disappointment. On top of all that it's expnesive and leaves you hungry. I'd much rather support local fast food businesses, I have a bunch of cool cheap fast food places near me that are much better and cheaper. Shout out to my local shawarma restaurant that kicks ass and costs less than a mcdonald's menu
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post #185215 :: 2024.02.21 6:28am
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i used to know a guy who would always spit on every table in the mcdonalds whenever he ate there, which was at least three times a week.
so i stopped going to mcdonalds
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post #185224 :: 2024.02.21 8:25am
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i tried to order a big mac but i sent it to the wrong address it was completely my fault then i ordered taco bell instead
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post #185237 :: 2024.02.21 10:06am
Have not had since 2005 or so. I hear japan mcdonald has purin toys and kirby toys comin though
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post #185239 :: 2024.02.21 10:25am
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haven't had one of their terrible burgers in a long while... i know a place not far from where i live that makes absolutely delicious burgers.
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post #185243 :: 2024.02.21 10:42am
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delicious burgers? cant be this one then:
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post #185244 :: 2024.02.21 11:03am
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McDonalds fries are soggy, thin and few -- like little wartorn orphans. Furthermore, their burgers are expensive and deceitful, as they do not look like as advertised. Also, no soda refill. Either go to BK or to a local burgershop.
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post #185247 :: 2024.02.21 11:33am
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McDonald's sucks but I hope you all have a great McDay and a McAwesome rest of your week!
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post #185272 :: 2024.02.21 1:42pm
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the spicy McCrispy is smaller than a tennis ball
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post #185306 :: 2024.02.21 4:56pm
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mcdonalds in my city: (i'm missing the good old Café Imperial a lot... :( )
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post #185339 :: 2024.02.21 8:03pm
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free freee palestine!
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post #185384 :: 2024.02.22 6:11am
mcdonalds is perfect and can do no wrong
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post #185386 :: 2024.02.22 6:28am
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MAX (sveriges godaste hamburgare) destroys mcdonknalds ez
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post #185389 :: 2024.02.22 6:44am
from my childhood in Brazil i remember that Jack in the Box (in São Paulo) wasn't that bad as McDonalds was
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post #185405 :: 2024.02.22 9:26am :: edit 2024.02.22 1:24pm
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I worked at McDonald's for 5 years starting the summer before my senior year of high school. I was told college wouldn't be afforded to me. I eventually graduated to a book factory.

I grew up loving mcdonalds. I get made fun of for being excited to eat mcdonalds. When traveling long distance to conventions it is very convenient. I don't care if the mcrib is only available when pork is super cheap; I still want one or two right now.
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post #185406 :: 2024.02.22 9:32am
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post #185407 :: 2024.02.22 9:47am
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I don't recall the last time I went to a McDonald's myself, but my nephew (5) told me that the drive home from summer vacation with his parents was absolutely terrible. The traffic jams cost them so much time, that they didn't even get to visit McDonald's!!

He was devastated, his day was ruined!
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post #185423 :: 2024.02.22 1:14pm
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as a former burger king employee you will not hear a good word from me about ronald the clown and his disreputable establishment.
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post #185457 :: 2024.02.22 5:00pm
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Mad respect for puke7 resisting the bandwagon and sharing an honest slice of life.

While McDonald's is not my cup of tea, I do attend services at the Church of Walmart, Meijer, H-E-B, and Target. They accepted me when nobody else would.
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post #185465 :: 2024.02.22 8:10pm
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@Max Chaplin @remori

thank you f-ing much for commenting mcd supports genocide
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post #185490 :: 2024.02.23 12:45pm
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mcdonald’s has announced that anime
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post #185499 :: 2024.02.23 2:44pm
one good thing about McDonalds: is one of the very safest places to eat in Madrid!
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post #185532 :: 2024.02.24 8:22am
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oops.. only now im finding out about... obviously deserving all boycott...
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big lumby
post #185559 :: 2024.02.24 3:11pm
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fast food was a mistake
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post #185563 :: 2024.02.24 4:05pm
  nitrofurano liēkd this

i felt like this is the right place to bring it up
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big lumby
post #185573 :: 2024.02.24 10:46pm
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elaboration: fast food almost unilaterally leads to a less healthy, poorer in quality, sometimes undercooked product than taking the time to make the food without having to down a monster. mcdonalds is often considered the chain to have exploded the popularity of the fast food philosophy, and in my eyes is the logical extreme of what i just said. i will not say anything more, as i do not wish to give my attention to a company who is actively, in part or otherwise, supporting apartheid and genocide. i will, however, fill this with experiences i've had from other fast food restaurants, as
fast food is A NUTRITIONAL BLIGHT in this country and in general

  • pizza hut is possibly the least pizza pizza i've ever had. doughy, flavorless, tastes like i'm eating a loaf of wonderbread, and just makes me sad when i'm done with it.
  • i swear bk exec chefs are on lsd constantly. like who tf is coming up with these jank af food ideas? mac n cheetos?? chicken fries???
  • general rule of thumb for me: if you serve me undercooked chicken, i will throw it in the trash alongside your entire fucking restaurant. wendy's is dead to me
  • fast food fry, fly like a flag in the forewind
  • anyone ever have the feeling when you go to a generic fast food restaurant and the food there actually DEPLETES your energy? like sucks the calories and stamina away from you? i've had that experience multiple times and it's like i'm bizarro
  • dairy queen cannot even get ice cream right. i've had multiple experiences where a cone i've gotten from them was so wide it leaked all over my hands. this is pathetic
  • if you're selling fries at a store and at your restaurant what is stopping me from going to the store, buying the fries, and making those?
  • five guys is so good, let me check how many calories they have

so anyway yeah that's why i cook at home
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post #185650 :: 2024.02.25 3:08pm
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i swear bk exec chefs are on lsd constantly. like who tf is coming up with these jank af food ideas? mac n cheetos?? chicken fries???
when i worked at burger king they let me make my own burger for my dinner cos i was vegetarian, so i invented the roz special: halloumi cheese + american cheese + onion rings + raw onions + mustard. to this day if you walk into any burger king in the area and ask for "roz's secret order" they will pretend they don't know what you're talking about and spit in your sprite.
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post #185654 :: 2024.02.25 4:26pm
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how about the many Costco Food Courts around the Globe?
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post #185659 :: 2024.02.25 7:04pm
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costco food court shall forever receive my blessing
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post #185664 :: 2024.02.25 10:19pm
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those dogs

them pizzas

take me to a costco stat!
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post #185845 :: 2024.02.27 4:07pm
  Post-retro and Thingerthing liēkd this
I just tried the new anime sauce and it tastes like total dogshit almost like those other two limited time sauces they had a while back

it's like way too sweet and also too hot and doesn't taste like anime girl armpit sweat like I'd hoped
Level 17 XHBist
post #185928 :: 2024.02.28 6:36pm
  Hz-Voyager liēkd this
fast, cheap, good, pick two.

m.donald's is fast and cheap - and my first priority for food is always quality, then cheap, then fast. So basically they're on the opposite end of the food spectrum from where I wanna be. There are a handful of fast food style burger joints in town that beat a big mac hands down no contest. mc donalds is like C-average fast food burgers, but when I go out I'm looking for like A- level fare.
Level 0 n00b
post #185956 :: 2024.02.28 11:28pm
The playground slides on the mcdonalds of my town got removed at some time. Hope they didnt discard them with the children inside! Now THAT would be screwed up!
Level 27 Chipist
post #185977 :: 2024.02.29 9:18am
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WendysOfficial is curiously silent on this matter
Level 6 Playa
post #185980 :: 2024.02.29 10:28am
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I don't get why you're being so mean to McDonalds. They are saving the planet by being the best arguement in favor of veganism.
Level 23 Pixelist
post #186028 :: 2024.02.29 11:42pm
I don't really get all the hate towards their menu, their food tastes pretty good. I'm not a fan nor a hater, my opinion on them is pretty neutral. There are better things to eat but it's very far from being inedible. You know what's actually inedible? Cucumbers.
Level 10 Criticist
post #186032 :: 2024.03.01 12:10am
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but what about when the cucumbers are pickled and on your McDonald's burger?? heh, checkmate son.
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post #186054 :: 2024.03.01 10:04am
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McD’s reminds me of, like,
Easy-Bake Oven food for grownups.
Also Free Palestine
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post #186060 :: 2024.03.01 11:47am
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I love me some triple bacon big mac nom nom nom munch munch much SLURRRRRPPPPPP munch munch burrrrp
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post #186082 :: 2024.03.01 6:51pm
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FUCK YOU MCDONALDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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post #186137 :: 2024.03.02 11:38am
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post #186156 :: 2024.03.02 8:33pm
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mcdonalds keeps sending me threatening mail, telling me ill get discounts but demanding me to go to fuckin mcdonalds for it

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