I will give you 100 boons if you never voted in the GCT and vote in the last round
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post #179559 :: 2023.11.25 5:54pm
  Viraxor, cabbage drop and Blast_Brothers liēkd this
Go to the voting thread here, listen to the entries and vote!

This is the final round of the tournament and we only received 2 votes so far.

I want this event to end with a big festive voting crowd so that tallying the votes manually will be laborious and exciting, as it should be.

Limited to 12 voters because this is literally as much as I can offer.

Voting ends on Tuesday, November 28, 3:00 PM EST.

We would love to hear from you.
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post #179561 :: 2023.11.25 7:16pm :: edit 2023.11.25 7:18pm
I'd like to vote, but I'm not sure what's going on.

I mean, obviously it's a tournament, yes. But after reading this post, the OP of the final round post, and the OP of the original sign-up post as well as most of the original thread, I still barely know more than that.

It looks like people have characters, and have to compose songs for that character, but there doesn't seem to be anything more to a character than just a name, so who's to say whether a particular song really captures "Aismo"'s inner essence? Should my reaction be "oh man, that is SO 'Razer Porcupine', hah!", or should I be blind with rage and forming a social media pitchfork mob for the liberties this particular song takes with the almighty backstory of 'Razer Porcupine'? And then to top it all off it appears these characters are versus-ing each other which is just a whole new bucket of joy, and meanwhile the entries for the mixist contestants are "remix" but it's unclear exactly what's being remixed and oof I don't know, I just don't know, man.

I really would love to vote, but I worry it'd be unfair to judge the candidates on nothing more than "ooh me like when song go doo-doo-doot WUUUUUBBBwubwubwubwu-wu-wub" if there's more behind the scenes stuff they're trying to finagle that I, the uninitiated, am not privy to.

But some of the songs do, in fact, go doo-doo-doot WUUUUUBBBwubwubwubwu-wu-wub, and I like when they do.
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post #179563 :: 2023.11.25 7:22pm
  Lint_Huffer liēkd this
I also don't really know what's going on but I just assumed it was like D&D. You create (well, pick) a character and battle with them against other characters. What those characters (and their interactions) are supposed to sound like is intentionally open to interpretation I guess?
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post #179564 :: 2023.11.25 7:33pm
I assumed it was a fighting game of some sort, like Street Fighter or King of Fighters, with custom music when two particular characters fight each other, kinda like the custom intros in King of Fighters.
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post #179565 :: 2023.11.25 7:34pm
  Kaytse and Lint_Huffer liēkd this
No. As a former participant I can explain. The initial music composed for the tournament was intended to function as the "base" character themes for each entry on the roster.

From there, we remixed the opponent's theme and our theme into the song in some way.

That was the only requirement, though: some semblance of the 2 original themes incorporated.
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post #179566 :: 2023.11.25 7:34pm
OK Lint Huffer kind of has it correct but posted while I was writing it
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post #179567 :: 2023.11.25 7:36pm
Ahhh, okay! Guess I'll have to go hunting around for the initial songs then!

And are the "remix" entries using individual samples from previous entries, or using previous entries as a whole, or...?
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post #179572 :: 2023.11.25 11:03pm :: edit 2023.11.25 11:03pm
i posted 4 links in my comment which will redirect you to review videos of each duel which will play the character themes first and then the actual round.
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post #179573 :: 2023.11.25 11:53pm
  Lint_Huffer liēkd this
@ Lint_Huffer: the remix entries are using samples from this samplepack
, from the game Pokémon Diamond/Pearl.

You can find the initial songs here

But, honestly, if this is too much to go through, you can simply vote for the entry that you enjoy the most. A lot of the past voters who didn't immerse themselves completely in the tourney's premise voted this way. And that is fine, too.
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post #179614 :: 2023.11.26 11:59am :: edit 2023.11.26 11:59am
  Tex liēkd this
i'll try to pitch in!!! i was thinking about voting anyways but was a little daunted by the format so some quid pro quo serves for some good motivation to actually figure it out lol

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