feature request: filetype checker for uploads
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post #170244 :: 2023.04.30 6:46am :: edit 2023.11.17 10:27am
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edit: i like the suggestion at the bottom of the thread the most, scroll down for some tl;dr conclusions

greetings and salutations

there are a couple ways i think this useful feature could be implemented. in both cases, it would work just like the size checker that stops you from uploading a file that's too large for the format you're uploading to. sorry n00b! this format is .nsf only!

method 1) in which the vast majority of formats are restricted to only the allowed filetypes shown on their lyceum article. uploading any other file type will give you the dialog box that stops you + tells you why. there are a few formats where this gets complicated, such as adlib and gameboy; and i would suggest not implementing it for wildchip/fakebit(/allgear?) since they can receive hardware-specific files in majors.

that's the more heavy-handed option, and notably could require a bit of work from time to time if filetypes are added, restrictions change, etc.

method 2) in which the only thing that gets checked for is .mp3/.wav/.flac/.ogg files being submitted to all the formats that require something else. the checker stops you & gives you a dialog box telling you what the valid filetypes are, and to read the lyceum article for more info.

that option is a bit more kind and still prevents the most common version of this feel-bad situation, but it doesn't stop things like "people submitting .ftm to nsf-formats" for example (which i think is the 2nd most common lol).

i'm suggesting this feature because i've seen it happen a lot! the site's a bit overwhelming for new folks and i think it's easy to misunderstand what's allowed and what isn't. having a checker in place would both save them from stepping headfirst into not following format rules, and save us from needing to point that fact out after they already submitted. i always worry that this could be a contributing factor in people bouncing off the site early if this situation happens.
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post #170264 :: 2023.04.30 12:21pm
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post #170276 :: 2023.05.01 9:06am
I don't think it's necessary because someone submitting the wrong type of file in a comp can just get downdooted to oblivion. And there are genuine use cases for submitting weird non-standard files in comps and I don't think they should be disallowed by default. Though maybe most people don't realise and give something a good mark despite breaking the rules so maybe there is some importance to implementing it.
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post #170277 :: 2023.05.01 9:14am
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what about a warning system? instead of preventing it outright, you could notify the user and ask them if they really want to upload the odd file type before they finalize their submission
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post #170278 :: 2023.05.01 9:27am :: edit 2023.05.01 9:28am
If you read dami's implementations of it, they specifically mentioned the formats that have less tight rules, like wildchip and allgear, and highlighted that those probably don't need to be affected.

If you ask me, though, the filetype for each format should be in paranthesis next to the format, even if the name is really obnoxiously long as a result, or if it omits some of the less common submission types that only people "in the know" would know to submit.

This problem (and a lot of problems for beginners, I'd argue) is having to go to the lyceum to see what formats are required. Getting to any page on the lyceum is a pain because search requires the exact name of the format, and that's IF you manage to get the "(format)" version of the page and ALSO manage to be lucky enough not to wind up with a hundred other results that have the format name in the title. For beginners, that's a sensory overload. So I think we need to duplicate that info to the OHB page in some way.

Also, your logic that things being downvoted for not submitting the correct format is a good thing is kind of dumb. It devalues the work that the people put in, even if it DOES break the rules, and leads to hurt feelings over the fact that the user put all this effort into something to have it be nuked by a format problem. I don't want to have to downvote things that are accidentally incorrectly uploaded, but it is the right thing to do.
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post #170280 :: 2023.05.01 9:49am :: edit 2023.05.01 9:51am
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i like petet's suggestion in that it allows for maximum flexibility, although there is still a slight chance someone would just blow right past it, perhaps that's negligible enough though for it to be a good solution : )

the biggest reason i would like to see this implemented is to eliminate the potential for someone new to screw up on accident because they don't know what they're doing on the site.
sure, from a "compo scoring" perspective, an illegal entry is going to get downvoted to oblivion, and that's the system doing its job.
but where does that leave the person who sent it in not knowing any better? that's why, right now, we have to keep our eyes peeled, step in and be like "hey just so you know, this is how it works" and it becomes a Situation - one that might upset them depending on circumstances and wording, or just flat-out confuse them.
i believe this has the potential to drive people away who could otherwise become a wonderful participant on here. so having a checker in place would inform them and allow them to self-correct.

there is a "read lyceum article" link at the end of the format description blurbs, but i think it would be wise to include the allowed filetype list within the format description blurbs, too - like right below/above the "Maximum File Size" line. in majors for example this puts that info right there next to the Submit Entry button
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post #170413 :: 2023.05.05 8:09am
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i like petet's suggestion, maybe with a "you are about to submit filetype y, we expect file types [a,b,c] for this format, please take a moment to make sure this matches" etc

preferable to not being allowed to submit outright i think

personally this is better than having to tell someone after the fact especially without the means to delete entries - like its just embarrassing to then have that entry in your portfolio so lets prevent that
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post #170421 :: 2023.05.05 1:32pm
yep that sounds like a great plan
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post #170436 :: 2023.05.06 3:34pm
omfg yea you're right i forgot you don't have to use search. different problem entirely but that's for another day
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post #170447 :: 2023.05.07 3:26am
Re: “Getting to any page on the lyceum is a pain because search requires the exact name of the format...”

Does the list not suffice:

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post #172389 :: 2023.06.16 8:02am
i'm bumping this because there were a bunch of mp3 submissions to spring tracks that ought to have been another filetype. source was provided in the description in most cases so i think this is generally an honest mistake but it would be a lot better for the submissions to be the source as asked for, and this would help immensely towards that end ...
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post #172398 :: 2023.06.16 11:25am
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I might be insane, but I swear this used to be a thing. I distinctly remember submitting an mp3 to a midi battle the first time I did midi and it got bounced back, but maybe that was just file size restriction related and I figured it out between initial sub attempt
and final sub success???
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post #172547 :: 2023.06.21 3:08pm
yea i think MIDI had like 256kb as its old limit
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post #179137 :: 2023.11.16 1:17pm :: edit 2023.11.16 1:22pm
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bumpin this again, i still think it would be a major QoL upgrade, implemented as a warning the way petet and gtap described.

you're about to upload filetype [.xyz], are you sure? this format, [name of format], expects one of the following: [list of filetypes]. other types may be deemed invalid for the format.

> Upload Anyway, > Cancel

helps avoid feel-bad moments for everyone, takes a lot of the onus off the admin team from having to check filetypes of major submissions & leave messages to inform people that they messed up if they did

i mean it'd still be a good idea to check filetypes of submissions just in case but i think we'd see a huge decrease in errors
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post #179141 :: 2023.11.16 4:10pm
would appreciate this feature, as I often forget what the filetype is even if I check before the battle

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