UPDATE!!! Make Your Own BotB Formats 2.0 Tier List
BotB Academy Bulletins
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i hope this link works https://tiermaker.com/list/video-games/botb-formats-1160330/1533863

heres an imgur link as well in case it doesnt: https://imgur.com/a/20GfT7e

(also unordered within tiers btw)
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[This n00b ashamed of Discord for deleting what written. - DevEd]
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this thread rules
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My tier list, ranked and semi-ordered by an arbitrary mix of interestingness and quality of entries: https://i.imgur.com/mWj46tm.png

Higher tiers (S, A, B) have formats that are either cool/have potential, have tons of great entries or some outstanding entries, or both. Lower tiers (C, D) have formats that aren't as interesting or haven't had as many entries that wow. F are entries I don't like (which are coincidentally the F formats). I have not seen enough of musescore or pd to rank them.

(do @ me on these xD)
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https://i.imgur.com/wzAsF6L.png i didnt bother with any of the formats i havent done
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post #145071 :: 2021.08.05 4:53am
Neat idea. I felt weird trying to put one together like I was inadvertently talking shit about someone elses chosen format, so i decided not to share the result. I do enjoy this thread concept though.
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my ier list. https://imgur.com/klMBe3w
got the inspiration to do one after watching Kleeder's Twitch stream.
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mine is like from @funute, just added a "Z" rank tier for those i dislike even more! :D - https://i.postimg.cc/cCkm1HfM/my-image.png ( https://tiermaker.com/list/video-games/botb-formats-1160330/1552255 )
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big lumby
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it's been 11 days and this link still doesn't work sad
it was supposed to be a tier list with the tiers "ansi" "sorta ansi" and "not ansi"
thanks imgur you scam artists ;)
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i was going to go into more depth about what formats go where and why but i eventually realised i'll never do it and i decided i don't want to spend too long on this so here it is:


ordered by left = better. took into account ease of use, quality of tracks, soundchip characteristics (if applicable) etc...
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2024 update version: https://i.imgur.com/fGFOcl4.png

For comparison, this was my 2021 tier list: https://i.imgur.com/mWj46tm.png

Same criteria: ranked and semi-ordered by an arbitrary mix of interestingness and quality of entries. S = peak, A = cool and awesome, B = just one of cool/awesome/neat, C = decent or maybe kind of neat, D = meh or sometimes neat, F = truly meh or bleh

Once again taking any questions :D
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can't believe i missed this thread the first time around! (edit: oh oops i am incapable of Reading)

each tier is also sorted, so mod4k is top S tier.

S tier = formats i'll make time for or just love to death
A tier = formats i'm happy to do
B tier = formats i'm down with but don't hugely prioritize
C tier = not super into it but still some cool stuff about it
D tier = not really into it (still might tackle one sometime tho)
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post #190711 :: 2024.05.29 3:37pm :: edit 2024.05.29 4:11pm

No particular rankings within tiers. Added a couple that I have not done before but have interest in trying out (SunVox, Renoise).

My internal tier-ranking voting categories:
Love what it produces / Want to Make / Accessibility / X Factor / Format in Pants

I think Spring Tracks this year singlehandedly bumped up Voice a tier or two for me. Also it was of interest to me that my peak favorite point for smallmods is in the middle of the range.
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post #190713 :: 2024.05.29 4:32pm :: edit 2024.06.02 6:35am
there's some format I haven't submitted (yet), but I'll rank as an experience
(sorry for submitting such a big @$$ img)

S= hell yeah, boiiii
A= okay we shotin' this
B= not bad
C= eh could've been better (at trying)
D= not interested
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post #190725 :: 2024.05.29 7:45pm :: edit 2024.05.29 9:42pm

Tiers are based solely on "how excited am I to do this format?"

※mod4k is a stand-in for ALL the tinymod formats

(edit: I actually like Channel F more, I just thought it was funny to put it in F tier)
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post #190734 :: 2024.05.29 11:31pm :: edit 2024.05.29 11:38pm

Limited to formats that I have tried and formats that seem very similar to ones I've tried.

This is reminding me that I really need to try VCV and bespoke at some point.

(Also, MSGS could easily go up a tier if I ever take the time to learn a good tool for it.)
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post #190738 :: 2024.05.30 1:59am :: edit 2024.05.30 2:00am

updated from my 2021 list because 1; ive done more formats since and 2; some have gone up or down in my estimation

rough guide

s: soft spot for these, workflow is probably good, offers interesting or unique features, opportunities for fun sound design are there, have had a lot of fun with

a; have a lot of time for them and would be drawn towards them in a battle

b; i like it but there may be one or two things about it that doesn't quite sit right. maybe the tools are bad, or hard, or the chip itself is too challenging/steep learning curve, or too limiting - or in the case of snes & midi, if you dont use a daw, youre pretty much at a disadvantage

c; i could take it or leave it. "ehh." either bad but has some redeeming qualities, or good but with deal-breaking flaws. or .txt which i havent decided upon yet

d; never say never but im unlikely to return. not overly fun, or the output isnt great, or theyre not much more than a novelty, or if its visual stuff, i don't have much appeal for it

f; will not return unless i absolutely have to

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